Men Linked to Saks Fifth Avenue Robbery Arrested in Florida [Video]

Saks Robbery

Men identified as Jerrell Marquis McDaniels and Javonte Derand Barnes were arrested and then linked to the Saks Fifth Avenue robbery that occurred at a store in Kendall a suburb of Miami Florida by law enforcement officials. The two men were arrested by Hialeah police officers for unrelated charges and it was discovered they were the suspects wanted in the Saks Fifth Avenue heist.

Detective Monica Baldo gave notification that the defendants were in the custody of Hialeah police and the two were apprehended in the same vehicle identified in the Saks Fifth Avenue Robbery. Defendant McDaniels was noted to have been disguised wearing a dress and wig appearing to be a woman. The defendant was identified by Hialeah officials from released closed circuit T.V. photos produced by Saks Fifth officials.

The September 18th Robbery, caused a heightened awareness among regular Dadeland Mall store shoppers and area clerks. “The safety of our associates and customers is of utmost importance to Saks. We are cooperating with authorities on the matter,” said a spokesperson for the company. Store employees talked with investigators concerning details of the crime.

The two men linked to the Saks Fifth Avenue Robbery were readily identified after being arrested by Florida’s Hialeah (Miami) police. One unknown suspect has yet to be identified using closed circuit videos related to the robbery in Boca Raton. Store associates noted that the suspects broke the glass displays of the store jewelry cases and swiped valuables.

When the two defendants were nabbed they were in possession of various expensive Louis Vuitton purses. It is speculated the two men had taken possession of the loot and were trying to sell it for profit to buyers unsuspecting of the items having been stolen. The Louis Vuitton purses were impounded along with the vehicle the defendants used in the robbery.

It is unclear as to the reason for McDaniels wearing a dress and wig in his arrest by Hialeah police. Observers have speculated that he may have realized he was caught on video in the Saks Fifth Ave robbery. The other suspects on the video wore masks hiding any identifiable features. McDaniels was clearly identified in the video by the officers who discovered him in the dress and wig.

Detective Baldo said, in her report, that defendant McDaniels clearly looked like a woman. The disguise was an obviously poor attempt to evade notification and capture by Florida officials. Authorities plan to add additional charges to the defendants after a complete investigation has been conducted. Area residents were relieved the men were caught and taken off the streets. Authorities have vowed that all the men linked to the Florida Saks Fifth Avenue robbery in Dadeland mall will be arrested.

By Thomas Barr

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