Microsoft May See a Change

Alan MulallyThe world of business and technology is constantly changing.  New computers, new games, new software and new people.  It’s a whirlwind of activity that keeps the consumer excited and anxious to acquire the next updated electronic or gizmo.  The people behind the action, the leaders and the ones that make things happen, also change. Microsoft may see a change in a big way if and when Alan Mulally comes on board.  Mulally, the current CEO of Ford Motor Company, is a likely candidate to take over when Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer retires next year.  Although confirmations have not been announced, Mulally is a very strong possibility.

Mulally, age 68, has been with Ford Motor Company since 2006.  He previously had a long career with Boeing.  He landed the job soon after graduating from the University of Kansas, home of the Jayhawks, in 1969 with a bachelor and master’s degrees in science.  He worked his way up the chain of command with Boeing for 37 years, but was passed over as CEO.  Within that time, the highly motivated Mulally earned an Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.  He has always had a curious, innovative spirit and is constantly striving to tackle new challenges.  His ideas have improved the companies he has worked with and he has plenty more to give.  He knows how things work and he knows how to get things done.  His bright, creative personality could just be the ticket for Microsoft, as they soar together to new heights.  Microsoft may see a change in a very positive way, as the married father of five looks over his own future goals and ventures.

Alan Mulally currently lives in Dearborn, Michigan.  He is primarily responsible for the huge turn around with the Ford Motor Company.  He has instrumentally affected the business with his innovative ideas and dedication to people.  His attention to detail has seen the company through dire times during the recession and he has helped them recover to new success and profits.  He is known to have lengthy conversations with everyday workers, as well as leading critical board meetings and working with President Obama.  With his own love of cars, he has traveled the road to many victories with his achievements.  He has aways been a big dreamer and doer, quite willing and able to take on a new challenge, shall it come his way.  Alan Mulally was well on the path to success from the day he turned 16 and was able to drive.  That very day happened to be the same day President Obama was born.

Time will tell, as it is all sifted out behind closed boardroom doors.  Who knows what the future holds, as the world keeps on spinning?  One thing is certain, the population will continue to travel in airplanes and will continue to buy new cars.  They will stand in lines for concert tickets and electronics.  They will most likely also continue to play hours upon hours of Grand Theft Auto V, or at least until the next game comes out!  With Alan Mulally’s treasure box of experience and know how, it could only mean be a winning combination for the business and technology worlds.  Microsoft may see a change in the near future, as someone new is chosen to ford the stream.

Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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