Miley Cyrus Says About Wrecking Ball Video, Don’t Look at Me Look at My Eyes

Miley Cyrus Says Look at My Eyes Not My Body

Miley Cyrus has revealed that going that “extra mile” and stripping naked wasn’t easy. She revealed that she found the whole video experience for this particular song to be very emotional. But she also says that on the Wrecking Ball  video, people need to look at her eyes and not concentrate on her naked body.

According to the 20 year-old singer, all the pain of the song and its meaning is conveyed through her eyes. Not her voice or her naked body. She maintains that the video shoot itself was extremely hard on her.

Miley might have started her career as an actress portraying “Disney kid ” Hannah Montana, but despite her theatrical beginnings, she says the video was hard going. She explained that it was actually more challenging to do the music video than it was to sing the song.

Speaking to Elvis Duran on the Z100 radio Morning Show she said that the music video says so much more than the song. She explained that if people actually look at her, versus just looking at her naked body, they’ll see how “broken” she is in the video.

The Wrecking Ball singer went on to say that the song is really a “pop ballad” and it is something that anyone can relate to. She feels everyone has had that broken feeling at some point in their lives and that they can relate.

In the music video which, to be fair, is a lot less controversial than her prior music video for We Can’t Stop and her VMA performance, she sits “suggestively” on top of a wrecking ball naked. Not all the time, but enough that every teen boy and girl in the world could get rather carried away by the fact.

She also, again rather suggestively, licks the side of a sledgehammer. She insists, however, that the “suggestiveness” is not the selling point of the video. Miley wants her fans to accept her nudity in the video and just get over it.

Miley Cyrus insists that people need to disregard all that bare skin and use their imagination to work out what the video is really about. She says that if you look at her eyes and not her in the Wrecking Ball video you will see the vulnerability and sadness there.

Her eyes, according to Miley, are much sadder than her voice sounds on the video. She makes a point. At least twice in the video she can be seen red-eyed with tears trickling down her cheeks. Thankfully, when those shots come up on the video, she appears to be fully clothed.

She also expressed some anxiety about how her most recent release would do compared to the success of We Can’t Stop. The former Hannah Montana star confessed that before her interview with the radio station that she was panicking. Not about the interview but about how successful Wrecking Ball will do now it’s been released.

The star has still been publicising her We Can’t Stop single as well as her newest single. She’s jumping through hoops to get both songs to “catch fire.” Miley related that she was at the point in her career where everything she does “becomes a big deal.” But she pointed out that however people want to look at it, she is having fun.

So are her fans, if the music video views are anything to go by. To date, the Wrecking Ball video on Vevo has pulled in over 50 million views and the number is rising at a meteoric rate. Miley Cyrus may want her fans to look at her eyes and not her naked body on the video, but something tells us, that is way the video has broken all records on Vevo. Since she wants to “up her game” on every video, we are worried what she may do on her next one. But until then, here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom