Miley Was Axed from Role (Warning: Violent Video)

Axed from roleMiley Cyrus has packed a lot into her young life as she continues to keep crowds screaming and headlines teeming with every move she makes.  She has flashed her smile, flaunted naked awhile and has cash coming forth as she shakes. Her antics have kept the world both intrigued and disgusted, as she continues to get more attention than most natural disasters.  In a sense, she is a natural disaster as young teens have witnessed the shocking evolution of her wholesome image crumble before their eyes.  The once popular Hannah Montana birthday party themes have been banned from many homes, as remnants of merchandise crowd the thrift stores and trash receptacles. Miley was axed from the role of goodness in the skeptical minds of parents as she went on to greater things.

By now, no one seems to be surprised with Miley’s daily routine of mishaps in the entertainment world and her shock value is almost expected. She has set herself up for a huge crash from all the attention and fame but she still carries on her quest to amuse and confuse her followers. Her once upon a time fairytale of being a wife and mother has been detoured as she collects news articles for her old age scrapbook. Miley was once the cute little girl on the Disney channel, who did her own stunts and pranks and wowed her fans at her concerts. The beautiful, talented child of Billy Ray Cyrus is now of age to express herself and that is one thing she has tricked us into mastering.

She arose to fame along with her father with the long running TV show, but she seemed to coast below the surface of what she really wanted. Once she grew up and could make all her own calls, her life unfolded with the inner person she wanted to be. Along the way, she met a handsome prince and fell in love. Her courtship and eventual engagement to Liam Hemsworth was greeted with much applause and well wishes. As time went on and Miley developed her more defined style, the Hemsworth family was not so accepting. Liam, along with his brothers Chris and Luke, was raised in Australia with grounded family values. This wild girl would just not fit in. Miley was axed from the role of fiancée, but she simply reacted by digging her teeth into her music and craziness at an unpredicted pace. She appears to lack any paranoia about getting naked and prancing around with a flopping tongue. Her former fiancé Liam, has reportedly rebounded in happiness with a new gal, Mexican singer Eiza Gonzales.

The fallout shall come as Miley moves and grooves to her new tunes. Her music is her life and her life is on full display. She has proved her success in her own way, expressing herself through music and style, but the long lasting effect remains to be seen. Miley was axed from role of wife for now, but is still supported by her loving and accepting parents and siblings. She deserves a fair chance to do things the way she wants, as all entertainers do. In a few years we will see the path she has taken and we will either give her applause or the axe.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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