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The Miss America Pageant (ABC, 7:00 p.m ET) is less than 24 hours away, when one of the 53 beautiful contestants who are entered in the competition will be crowned as Miss America 2014 at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall in New Jersey. The countdown to the crown has officially begun! Miss Oklahoma is the young lady who is most favored to win, with 13/2 odds. What are the odds that your state’s contestant will win?

The 53 contestants come from each of the 50 states, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Miss California is a San Francisco native. Her name is Crystal Lee, and she was crowned Miss California back in 2012. She is currently at 25/1 odds, but as many women from California have won in the past, I wouldn’t count her out of the running.


Crystal Lee, 22, was crowned as Miss California in 2012 and in 2013.

Lee graduated from the School of the Arts public high school. She attended the College of Marin, and graduated from Stanford University. Her bachelor’s degree was in human biology. She also earned a master’s in communication from Stanford.

Lee’s Miss America pageant biography says that she is championing the issue of more women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career fields.

Lee and fellow contestant, Chelsea Rick (Miss Mississippi), were announced by the Miss America organization on Thursday as each being the winner of a $5,000 scholarship award.

Lee will demonstrate her ballet en pointe skills in the talent part of the competition.

Speaking of Miss Mississippi, the co-winner of the STEM scholarship, Chelsea Rick, her odds of winning are 12/1. She is from Fulton, Mississippi.

Besides winning the STEM scholarship, Rick on Tuesday was the winner of the Lifestyle and Fitness preliminary competition.  Mississippi_Chelsea Rick

The final night of the Miss America competition is Sunday September 15, but Miss Mississippi Chelsea Rick has already made a splash.

On Tuesday, Rick won the  Rick was also one of two winners of a new $5,000 STEM scholarship. The STEM scholarship was introduced for contestants who study and want to work in the fields of science, technology, engineering or math.

Though the attractive Miss Mississippi is attending medical school, she also strives to keep up her level of physical fitness.

According to a video she had posted to the Facebook page of the Miss America organization, she found it was “difficult to keep my physical fitness routine up.”

She learned her healthy habits from an early age, saying she gives all of the credit to her parents. They are the ones who taught her the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

To get competition ready, Rick says she does “a lot of cardio, a  a lot of strength training,” and, of course, she adds that having “a little bit of confidence on stage,” is a help.

Rick has stated that it’s been a long journey for her to get to become Miss Mississippi. She relates that she “competed five times to get to this point.”

What about the odds of the controversial, tattooed Miss Kansas?

Miss Kansas has stated that she’s like to negate the stereotype about women with visible tattoos not competing in beauty pageants. Miss Kansas is currently at the odds of 15/1, but, who knows? Perhaps this pioneer will be the first to usher in an era of tattooed contestants winning the Miss America Pageant. Though she might not win, odds-makers feel she’ll probably make it into the top eight category.

Vail, 22, is a senior at Kansas State University, and she proudly displays her tats during the pageant’s swimsuit competition. They include one on her right side of the “Serenity Prayer” and one on her left shoulder of the U.S. Dental Corps symbol, because this lovely lady would like to become a military dentist. Kansas_Theresa Vail

1997 was the last time a contestant from New Jersey won the competition.

The Miss America pageant is back in Atlantic City, N.J., after a six-year absence. The finale will be Sunday night.

The Miss America competition had been held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for decades, since its very beginnings, in 1921. When it began being held elsewhere, the community immediately experienced an economic impact, due to the loss of revenue that the competition brought in.

Having the Miss America Pageant return, especially in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy disaster and the recent fire on the boardwalk, will raise the spirits of the community as well as generate much-need extra revenue.

The Miss America Pageant, according to some estimates, will bring in anywhere from $30-40 million. There will be activities of all sorts, besides the pageant (and the gambling) for people to enjoy.

Miss Oklahoma is the favorite to win, but other contestants who are right behind her in the odds are three that are all at 21/1 odds –besides Miss Mississippi, the other two are Miss Georgia and Miss Florida.

California, Oklahoma, and Ohio are tied with having the most Miss America titles, at six apiece. The three states that have had five winners are Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. The two states which have had four winners are New York and Mississippi, with the most recent winner, Mallory Hagan, being the fourth winner from New York.

Two of the contestants who have some of the highest odds are Miss Rhode Island at 125/1 and Miss District of Columbia at 150/1.

The Miss America Pageant is one which will showcase the beauty, intelligence, and talent of 53 contestants, some with much better odds of winning than others. Who will win the title and the coveted crown of Miss America? If you’re a fan of watching beauty pageants, the odds are that you won’t want to miss the Miss America Pageant on Sunday, September 15, on ABC!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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