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Major League Baseball’s “At the Ballpark” app will now utilize iOS 7’s iBeacon indoor mapping. This will make fan’s experience while at the ballpark more informative, pleasurable and convenient. As soon as you enter the stadium, a “Welcome” notification will pop up. Step up to the booth and your tickets appear on the screen. It will even show you to your seat. This app uses Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLTE) technology, rather than GPS which doesn’t work very well indoors. Loyalty cards can be sent to fans from their favorite team. Coupons for free soda or hot dogs are sent to fan’s upon entering the team store.

And these aren’t the only snazzy new options MLB and iOS 7 have in store. You can unlock places you are interested in learning more about while at the stadium. One example of this is a video showing the history of the homerun apple when at Shea. New York Mets fans should eat this up. In different stadiums, other iconic structures will be presented. Check out MLB’s At the Ballpark app on your iOS 7 next time you go to a game.

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By: Philip Perry

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