Money Lessons from Forbes Top Power Couple Beyonce Jay Z

Highest Earning Celebrity Couple Beyonce Jay Z
Beyoncé and Jay Z work well together in making their millions.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z is the ultimate power couple and we can learn lessons from them about how they’ve accumulated money. According to Forbes magazine, their collected earnings as top entertainers and entrepreneurs have been dominating the “Highest Earning Celebrity Couples” list for two years straight.

Between June 2012 and June 2013, Forbes estimated that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a combined income of around $95 million. From world tours to record sales to endorsements to business ventures, they are an unstoppable team that only seems to get stronger and richer.

Here are the top five reasons why Beyoncé and Jay-Z work so well together in making their millions.


1. Mutual Respect

In the beginning, what made Beyoncé and Jay-Z work was that they were already big stars on their own. They followed each other’s  work and admired what the other person had accomplished.

This led to mutual respect. They really built their own life and became rich and famous before they made each other a part of their lives.

Beyoncé on her own is one of the best selling singers of all time, a Golden Globe-nominated actress, a fashion designer, a director, and various other roles that she does well in. Jay-Z on his own is an award-winning rapper, a music producer, a profitable entrepreneur, and various other roles that he does well in.

This made them more successful because there was no one party feeling dominant over the other. Mutual respect was established for the other to stand their own ground and make their own money.


2. Combined Forces

Beyoncé and Jay-Z is a formidable entertainment powerhouse and they have pushed each other’s fame further. They were already music icons on their own, but when they got together, their careers sky-rocketed even higher creating a synergy unmatched in the music industry to date.

They have established a yin-and-yang (feminine/masculine) type of vibe every time they are on a song together. Their songs typically talk about being an unstoppable team who will stick by each other no matter how rough the circumstances.

Jay-Z married one of the most beautiful women in entertainment while Beyoncé got more street-cred for being with a “bad boy” like Jay-Z. When they became a couple, their individual strengths became stronger and their combined forces has paid off for them handsomely…publicly and commercially.


3. Understanding Each Other’s Struggles

They are each other’s biggest support system. Jay-Z knows what Beyoncé is going through and vice-versa, because they are both super-stars in their own rights. The pressures and needs of stardom are well-understood by both individuals.

If either of them was not in the same league as the other, there might be an overwhelming imbalance in the relationship. One person would always dominate and would possibly make the other person have lower self-esteem. This could then lead to unhappiness and a feeling of inadequacy in the relationship.

Understanding each others’ struggles has made Beyoncé and Jay-Z more money because they give each other the confidence to get through any problems they might face together or individually.


4. Time Together is Time Well Spent

Because they work together on many projects, they have more time together to bond and create more money making ventures. This makes their relationship stronger and their bank accounts fatter.

Together they have collaborated on numerous hit songs including their first hit together called 03 Bonnie & Clyde, that announced to the world that they were a couple. They have a great combination of powerful R&B vocals and thought-provoking rap lyrics.

Forbes magazine has recognized Beyoncé and Jay-Z year after year because these two constantly build their appeal together. They not only make good money, but their love story can also be aspirational and appealing to readers of the magazine.

They don’t ride off of each others’ name and fortune. They build off of each other’s name and fortune. Any time they spend together on a venture produces long-lasting financial and relationship-building results.


5. They Have a Real Life Together

Privacy and family are extremely important to a power couple such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z, especially with their first baby now playing a big role in their lives. They have kept their personal life as private as they could make it.

These two still do everyday activities together and have been spotted watching a ball game or relaxing on a sunny day together. They are always seen by each others’ side at important events especially when one or both of them are receiving awards.

They understand that life is not all about money. Love, enjoying life, and finding balance regardless of your financial status are all important keys to happiness. Because they are happy, they are more inspired to continue to pursue their individual dreams and combined ventures.


Love Yourself Before Love for Money

Perhaps having someone by your side who is as equally powerful as you is an ideal asset to have in becoming financially successful.

But if you’re single, before you start on that hunt for your equal to make millions with, make sure to work on yourself first. If you’re in a relationship, make sure that you and your partner have that balance of self-reliance and supporting each other.

Love is not something you can force or hurry up. But pursuing and achieving your own dreams is something you can do now. That is what Beyoncé and Jay-Z did long before they became Forbes’ “Highest Earning Celebrity Couple.”



Written by: Chelo Aestrid

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