Naomi Watts “Adores” Robbing the Cradle and Swapping Sons

Naomi Watts "Adores" Robbing the Cradle and Swapping Sons

Naomi Watts is getting terrible reviews in her new film about Princess Diana, but she’s also starring in another movie in which she plays a cougar who has sex with her friend’s son (ew!?) The new movie, called Adore, is faring better with the critics than is Diana, which is being ripped to shreds as a horrible monstrosity. In Adore, however, Watts is reported to do a formidable job opposite Robin Wright. Wright and Watts play friends whose husbands are both no longer in the picture. The two women grow closer and end up renting beach houses near each other, where they promptly fall in love with each other’s sons.

What’s interesting about the plot of Adore is that the two female characters, both mothers, are more than fine with the arrangement, and the foursome spend some idyllic time by the sea, cozying up to their handsome younger companions, played by newcomers James Frecheville and Xavier Samuel. It sounds a little bit wacky until the realization strikes that it’s a French film.

The French are so much more liberal and decadent when it comes to sexuality than Americans. They have been known to scoff and laugh at the United States’ “sex scandals” and were especially appalled at how the whole President Clinton-Monica Lewinsky debacle went down. It’s no surprise that a film about two moms having sex with each other’s sons would come out of France.

In this case, it’s delivered by a French director named Anne Fontaine, who previously directed The Girl from Monaco and Coco Before Chanel, two pretty non-sexual films. Perhaps Fontaine wished to branch out (and it’s a pretty long branch!) with this new effort.

Naomi Watts is a good actress, and she’s also quite beautiful. If you’re a Watts fan, you’re in luck: she’s rather naked for much of the time in this movie, according to reviews. While some of the reviews have been positive, (and all of them much more positive than the reviews of the Princess Diana film) the movie isn’t doing so well on Rotten Tomatoes. It currently has just a 31% Fresh rating from the critics and a 53% Fresh rating from audience members.  Still, Vanity Fair called it “a great film,” while film reviewer Damon Wise from The Guardian UK said it is “fascinating and provocative; featuring a brave and vulnerable performance from Naomi Watts and a career-high acting master class from Robin Wright.”

Hopefully, the strong reviews from numerous critics will sooth what is sure to be Watts’ extreme disappointment over how terribly the Diana film is faring. It has been reported that she has been very nervous about the Diana film and how it would be received, and she can’t be pleased with the current buzz. She reportedly stormed out of an interview about it after having misunderstood a question, and friends say she had high hopes for the movie.

Naomi Watts, the ultimate cougar, is beautiful in Adore. The word on the street is skip the Diana mess and stick with watching Watts rob the cradle and swap sons with Robin Wright.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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