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Garlic and cancer
The health benefits of garlic .

There is perhaps, no greater fear among people than cancer.  Its magnitude’s and veracity seem to grow each year.  Modern society has offered cancer a plethora of supposed causes.  However, the cure for this most unforgiving of diseases eludes the medical profession.  Imaging a cooking ingredient that could kill cancer and the only thing those who feared it had to do, was to eat it a few times week. Well new research show that one such vegetable can have a dramatic effect on some cancers.

Garlic is well known for its properties; it has been shown to lower blood pressure in certain cases and it is famed as a natural antibiotic, as well as having antibacterial abilities.  But research has shown that garlic can have a dramatic effect on some cancers.

A number of separate research programs have brought garlic’s healing properties to the fore. The first of these was conducted by National Cancer Institute (NCI), it took part in a seven year study in China, in partnership with the Beijing Institute for Cancer Research.

The National Cancer Institute, conducted the largest ever study into the medical properties of garlic ever to be conducted and the results are staggering. The test took place over a seven year period and focused on three thousand human subjects. The clinical trial was based on a randomized and double blinded structure.  They used aged garlic in the study and tested its ability to treat precancerous gastric lesions.

The team of researchers were led by Dr. Mitchell Gail at National Cancer Institute and Dr. Wei-Cheng You at the Beijing Institute for Cancer Research.  The studies tested whether garlic had any beneficial effects with relation to stomach cancers.  The Preliminary findings show a dramatic reduction in those susceptible to developing the disease. The findings concluded that those who had a high “intake of allium-containing vegetables, like aged garlic, had only 40% of the risk of gastric cancers as those who rarely ate them.”

The Chinese study as discovered that precancerous lesions to the stomach, cause by Helicobacter pylori bacteria could be treated with a very high success rate with a mix of aged garlic and antibiotics.  The results show a 76% success in those totally healed. Dr. Gail stated that, “It’s a very large and long-term study. We’re still sifting through the data, but we expect to report on it by the end of this year,”

Jin-Kou Zhao, writing in the Cancer Prevention Research Journal calls for more research into the properties of garlic and its effects on lung cancer and its ability to kill off the micro-organisms associated with cancer and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.  He concluded:

“In conclusion, protective association between intake of raw garlic and lung cancer has been observed with a dose–response pattern, suggesting that garlic may potentially serve as a chemopreventive agent for lung cancer.”

The University of North Carolina’s professor of epidemiology Lenore Arab, said: ‘There seems to be a strong, consistent protective effect for people who are regular garlic consumers.’  Recommendations by The American Institute for Cancer Research state that consuming two to five cloves of garlic in a week or a daily supplement can be beneficial.

By Clifford Peeples.


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