Navy Yard Shooter Had Previous Gun Related Arrests [video]

Repeat Offender

Repeat OffenderGunman in the Washington Navy Yard deadly rampage on Monday had anger issues. Police reports confirm Aaron Alexis had done this before; just on a smaller scale.

According to a Seattle police report, one morning in 2004 Alexis walked out of his grandmother’s home pulled out a .45-caliber pistol and fired three rounds at a construction worker’s car. He released two bullets towards the rear tires and another into the air.

The manager at the construction site told law enforcement that Alexis was aggravated with the parking situation outside the work site. Alexis claims he suffered an anger-fueled blackout and didn’t remember shooting a gun or anything surrounding that incident until about an hour afterwards.

Alexis said he had been in New York during the September 11 terrorist attacks and had been disturbed since that time. His father confirmed that he had been an active rescue participant in those events and as a result suffered with issues related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Alexis was also arrested in 2010 in Fort Worth for shooting a firearm. Alexis claims he was cleaning his firearm and it went off. At that time Alexis was living in an apartment complex and had a previous run in with the neighbor who lived upstairs. Ironically, the discharged bullet went through this same neighbor’s floor, then through her ceiling. When she called the police to report the incident she told them she was afraid of him and had felt threatened by him ever since he confronted her in the parking lot.

When the police questioned Alexis, he said he was cleaning his firearm while cooking when it accidentally discharged. He also claimed that he didn’t contact law enforcement or check on neighbor because he had not realized the bullet had gone through his ceiling. According to the report, the gun was taken apart at the time and covered in oil.

The bullet barely missed the neighbor as it entered her apartment. She moved out of the Orion apartment complex in Oak Hill and was advised by a lawyer not to press charges.

Alexis was full-time as a Navy reservist between 2007 and 2011. He served as an aviation electricians’ mate. He achieved the rank of third class petty officer. After leaving full-time service he was assigned, in Forth Worth, to the Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 46. He fixed electrical airplane systems.

Alexis no longer had day-to-day contact with the Navy but would be called upon when needed. Although he received the National Defense Service Medal and Global War or Terrorism Service Medal there were indications that he had some issues while in the Navy. Navy officials stated that while in the service Alexis demonstrated a pattern of misbehavior.

Alexis, an African American born in Queens, embraced all things related to the Thai lifestyle. He worked at a Thai restaurant, studied the language and was an avid Buddhist who chanted and mediated regularly.

Alexis’ brother-in-law, Anthony Little, said it had been at least five years since his wife, Naomi, had spoken to her brother. He said the family is in shock and never saw this coming.

According to government officials, at the time of the shooting Alexis had been residing in a long-term-stay hotel with colleagues and was working a Navy Yard project.

Alexis, 34-years-old, has served as a Navy reservist and is said to have exemplified problems associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people before police officers shot and killed him. The motive behind the shooting is still unclear.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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