New iPhone 5s Is Not Less

iphone 5 gold

The new iPhone 5 is not less.  Early reviews are enthusiastic about the new chip.  Apple is planning to use a gold casing on the iPhone 5 that will provide enough additional space for owners to enjoy a longer life battery with the faster chip.  Reports are cautious but optimistic that this new cover will offer more than a designer skin for the phone.

Several versions of the gold casing have been leaked and it is entirely possible that some of these are pirated copies, already released in China in expectation of what is to come.  Even so, the expectation is that the new gold backplate is pending with the new iPhone 5.

Fox’s Clayton Morris, a well respected tech writer and blogger, is pleased with the new design.  He suggests that the new model will be slightly larger.  It will allow space for the new A7 chip.  Morris tweeted this week, “Sources are telling me the new iPhone’s A7 chip is running at about 31% faster than A6, I’m hearing it’s very fast.”

The implication for the newer chip is that more complicated apps can be enjoyed.   This is what’s in store. The new iPhone 5 may not be a radical departure from previous versions but there will be less kinks and greater ability to handle apps and other features.  It has been a year since the A6 SoC and the offer of greater speed may not be a noticeable benefit for current phone users but it’s enough to generate internet buzz.  Perhaps it will offer just a small net increase in the functioning speed of the phone but Apple suspect’s new owners will be inspired with the new iPhone 5S.    It will not be less than the iPhone 4.

The use of apps is a constantly growing element of the success of the iphone.  Jonah Hill, the 29 Jump Street star recently summarized the appeal, “I play a lot of games on my iphone.  There is a game called Rat on a Scooter that I will promote as much as possible because it has brought me so much joy.”    Actress Debra Messing summed up this marketing strength, “I’ve become completely obsessed with taking photos on my iphone.  I have like 400 apps.”

Approximately 402,000 iPhone are sold every day throughout the world.  This massive number exceeds even the number of babies born each day and far more than the number of cars sold each day in America.  IPhone’s success is remarkable but Apple needs to constantly reinvent itself if it plans to keep the lead in the market.  Apple recognizes that the possibility of better apps and the guarantee of a longer life battery power is the right step forwards.

Apple has been low on news in 2013 so the interest in the new 5S and 5C iPhones is strong.  Stock Market confidence in Apple has been uninspiring but an announcement of the new iPhone 5 offering these two functions should jettison share price.  If the announcement is made this month as expected, Steve Jobs’ second anniversary since his death on October 5th 2011 could also be the start of renewed success for the company.  The new iPhone 5 is not less.

By Vicky Judah

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