New York Yankees’ A Rod Hits 24th Grand Slam Tying The Record

New York Yankees
New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have developed a reputation as one of the most formidable baseball teams in the Major League. They have won 18 division titles, 40 AL pennants, and 27 World Series championships. Everything just named are all MLB records. One of the Yankees’ players, Alex Rodriguez has just clinched another record for himself a few days ago, hitting a grand slam against the San Francisco Giants, racking up 24 of them in total in his career, tying the record with baseball legend, Lou Gehrig.

These feats of greatness do not come at a cheap price with A Rod receiving the largest salary on the New York Yankees’ roster, earning himself a hefty 29 million dollars.

Here’s how the record-breaking feat went down. There were two outs in the seventh inning with the bases loaded. The third baseman was up to bat against the San Francisco Giants. The score was tied. He then hit a home run to right field assuring the New York Yankees of a 5 – 1 win against the Giants.

He has now 24 grand slams under his belt, and unlike Lou Gehrig, he still has ample playing time left to break the record. And considering the fact that the New York Yankees have enough confidence in him to pay the 225 pound, 6’3″ third baseman the most on their roster, you can bet that he will hit more and continue to be one of the best baseball players that ever played the game.

Written By: Jon Webster

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