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For many years, Americans have struggled to make ends meet while simultaneously ensuring their healthcare was in check. Some Americans went with private insurers, some went with their company’s insurers, and some went with the aid of the government. For those stuck with the latter, it could prove overwhelming. Families using Medicaid or chips meant getting into a good doctor or being seen in a timely fashion was something left to chance. As we move closer to the opening day of the Affordable Healthcare Act, some people are fighting the facts and not allowing themselves to see the benefit of this program. Some are taking Obamacare personally, claiming it unfair to have to share the same doctors with those less fortunate. Some concern themselves with myths that have repeatedly been busted by Obamacare facts.

One popular myth is that Obamacare will replace existing private insurance. The Obamacare fact is this: If you have existing healthcare, it is yours to keep. There will be no change unless you make a decision to do so. Another popular misconception of Obamacare is that is taking away our rights, and overstepping the boundaries of our constitution by forcing us to participate.  The Obamacare fact is that you may opt out by exemption (based on certain factual religious beliefs) or by paying a fee in the form of an income tax. It is a penalty fee, and though it seems harsh, living without health insurance is certainly much more costly and much harsher.  Another popular myth is that this bill brings higher premiums. The Obamacare truth to this is simple, though it has been oversimplified too many times by the opposition. Because Obamacare stops an increase in premiums or a denial of coverage, health insurance companies, not this bill, inflate premiums. However, in the Affordable Healthcare Act, there are many cost-cutting measures designed to stop the increase of health insurance costs. One of these ways is in the Marketplace, available October 1, 2013, where mid to low-income families can shop for reasonably priced insurance. The premium costs are reduced for those making less than 400% of the poverty level, making this Obamacare fact a lifesaver, literally, for many American families.

Those who oppose Obamacare tend to use extreme outcomes not backed up by anything other than a rumor, to expound on their arguments. The past four years has brought on a great deal of incredulous outcries. One that sparked much controversy was that the health care law has “death panels.” Death panels, a term marked by the former Republican Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, means a panel of bureaucrats designated to play God in deciding who is worthy of coverage and who is not. This outlandish myth has been busted many times throughout the years, but those who adamantly refuse to accept the healthcare reform stand by it, proudly. The Obamacare truth is that nowhere in the healthcare bill is there a single claim of death panels or justified euthanasia. To allege such an inflammatory accusation is downright preposterous, however when we consider the source, it makes perfect sense.

Obamacare, like all other universal healthcare plans, is set up to help the people of the country. America is no different, and to think someone with a pre-existing condition can now qualify for health insurance is enough to assure us that we are heading in the right direction. Knowing that every American family can have full health coverage, no matter their income is big step in the evolution of a nation. A country where poverty is a sin instead of a disability makes me wonder how some can rest peacefully at night. This is just my take, but my favorite Obamacare fact- that may or may not be an actual fact-, is that those who oppose do not think it will fail, but fear it will succeed.


Written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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