OHIO The Heart of It All

Ohio BarnOhio is a hub of activity and ranks high in the news for various reasons.  The state of Ohio can claim truth in their slogan of being The Heart of It All.  The slogan was founded with the idea of all the business, tourism, entertainment, sports and living opportunities the state has to offer.

Ohio was named by the Iroquois Indian tribe when they discovered the great creek, which is the Ohio River.  Ohio was founded as a state in 1803 and has gone down in history as the home of an octet of presidents.  It is know for its innovative corporations and attractions as well as its beautiful lakes, state parks and terrific sports arenas.

The 210 year old state has a variety of reasons to live, work and raise families in Ohio.  The luscious farm fields of corn and potatoes, rolling hills and flat lands bordering on Lake Erie make for a spectacular landscape.  The historic towns along the lake shore offer a variety of activities for families, and beautiful scenery for a romantic get away.  From Cedar Point in Sandusky and the islands, to Geneva-on-the Lake, fun is unlimited during the hot, humid summers.  Exploring the caves and caverns of Hocking Hills in the southeastern part of the state has become a yearly fall tradition for many.

Ohio winters have seen blizzards and ice storms as people reach out to help one another.  The diverse countryside is seasoned with all walks of life and ethnic groups surrounding the centrally located capital of Columbus.  The current governor is John R. Kasich and he is joined in leadership by a vast group of businessmen and women throughout the state.

The Heart of It All state is a prime location for entertainment, tourism and conventions.  Many noted names hail from the great state of Ohio, including Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Thurber, Erma Bombeck, Lebron James, Carol Costello, Halle Berry and Steven Speilberg, just to cite a few.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has adopted Ohio as his own as he makes his annual pilgrimage to host the Arnold Classic each spring.  Regardless of the season, fans can easily root for their favorite sports team from baseball to football.  Whether watching baseball with the Cincinnati Reds or the Cleveland Indians, their stadiums are located in the heart of the city near plenty of restaurants and shopping.

Football is huge in the state with many high school teams following the inspiration of The Ohio State University Buckeyes, The Cleveland Browns and The Cincinnati Bengals.  The Football Hall of Fame museum is located in Canton, Ohio.  Hockey is represented by the Columbus Blue Jackets and soccer scores a goal with the Columbus Crew.  The Western and Southern Tennis Open is hosted near King’s Island Amusement Park each year and draws thousands.  This list is in no way inclusive, as everything in Ohio is outstanding and deserves merit.

The creative talents of so many have blended together to provide endless opportunities for employment and enjoyment.  Several long standing popular restaurants are based in Ohio, including Wendy’s, Bob Evans, SkyLine Chili and Donatos.  The United States would barely survive in the absence of Proctor and Gamble, Macy’s, Nationwide and Goodyear Tire, for which Ohio can be thanked.  Cardinal Health is a dominant force and healthcare is at its best with the Cleveland Clinic and The Ross Heart Hospital in Columbus.  The well being of all Ohio citizens continues to be The Heart of It All.

Success has soared over the state of Ohio, home of the Wright brothers, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong, and has lifted the clouds to new promises.  It is the beloved and comfortable home to dedicated workers, fans and communities.  The song Beautiful Ohio is a favorite of the TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band in The Land) OSU marching band as well as the school’s alma mater Carmen Ohio.  It is sung by thousands in unity as they gather at games together.  Local and statewide businesses have offered support and sponsorship to many events and causes during times of need.  Ohio, The Heart of It All, is alive and growing together as it takes care of its citizens while reaching out to neighboring states and the world.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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