Peanut Butter Linked to Healthy Breasts In Recent Study

Peanut butter and healthy breasts

Note to all women, breast cancer is no longer a scarecrow if you take one spoonful of peanut butter every day for the rest of your life. Peanut butter –according to The Growing Up Today Study conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Harvard University School of Medicine – helps your breasts become more healthy, less exposed to the dangers of benign (non-cancerous) breast disease and thus more glistening and shapely.

The secret? Despite having a high calorie content (100 calories per tablespoon), peanut butter’s fat content is of the monounsaturated type. Monounsaturated fats help decrease the LDL –low density lipoprotein or the so-called bad cholesterol – content in the blood. Peanut butter also contains polyunsaturated fats which raise the HDL –high density “good” lipoprotein- and thus regulate the cholesterol level in your body. Healthy cholesterol levels help in decreasing risk of obesity which is one of the triggering factors of cancer. The balanced fat content in peanut butter also generates a feeling of satiety which makes for fewer meals, thus pushing the danger of obesity away. Among the 30 different vitamins and minerals in peanut butter is the famous “resveratrol” which helps attacking pathogens, preventing cancer, aging and inflammation. The fiber content in peanut butter helps reducing the risk of benign breast disease leading to healthier breasts with no danger of lumps or anomalies.

The Growing Up Today Study has been following more than 9,000 women starting 1996, first from ages 9 to 15 up until they reached 30 of age. Girls who incorporated peanut butter into their diets between the ages of 9 and 15 were 39 percent less likely to develop benign breast disease at the age of 30.

So you want to stir away from benign breast disease? Add peanut butter to your frosting, pick the peanut butter flavor for your ice-cream experience and spread peanut butter on your toast in the morning. The study is still recent and does not stand solely as the main cancer fighter, but there’s no harm in planning a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients required for keeping your breasts healthy, glistening and cancer-free.

Written by: Jaylan Salah

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