Princess Diana Murder Plot – Death by Piercing Light

Princess Diana Murder Plot– Death by Piercing LightEx-wife of sniper Soldier N says, she has proof that the car crash killing Princess Diana was no accident, but a murder plot carried out by her ex-husband’s colleagues in the British Special Air Services (SAS.) The accident was orchestrated using a piercing light aimed at the Princess’s vehicle as it drove through the dark tunnel that night of August 31, 2007.

Per Soldier N’s now ex-wife, a light most likely a laser was shot into the driver of the vehicle’s eyes as he drove through the tunnel. The tunnel was the only safe place to take down the 36-year old Princess and her 42-year old boyfriend Dodi Fayed. The couple’s whereabouts were continually monitored, but the tunnel was free of surveillance making it a perfect spot for the murder.

In 2008 after intensive investigation, the Princess’ cause of death was deemed gross negligence on the driver’s part because he had been drinking or so said police officials. Dodi Fayed’s family has always claimed the Princess and their son were the objects of a murder plot.

Since divorced from Soldier N, his wife is talking true confessions of what really happened that horrific evening when the world lost their most celebrated Princess.

Appalled by her husband’s confession two years prior, she asked how could anyone plot such a thing as killing the Princess the world so loved? The soldier’s automatic reply was that his colleagues were only doing a job.

Soldier N then informed his wife that his SAS colleagues carried out the assassination. The Royal family members, who disapproved of the Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana relationship, issued the orders for the hit.

Princess Diana Murder Plot– Death by Piercing Light

Killed in the car accident were Dodi Fayed, driver Henri Paul, and princess Diana. Diana’s bodyguard, Trevor-Rees-Jones was the only one to survive the accident.

At the time of the crash, Diana had just discovered she was pregnant with Dodi’s child and was about to remove her two sons, Princes William and Harry away from the Royal amenities to live a new life abroad. The Princess had been separated from her Husband Prince Charles and their relationship not on good terms. 

This is not the first time Soldier N’s ex-wife has told this cover-up story to the police. Two years ago, she informed officials of what she discovered, but they were not listening. Now it appears the woman has everyone’s ear as investigators held a secluded meeting with the wife and her mother is an undisclosed location. There is doubt that Queen Mum was present at this secluded gathering.

The recent allegations to murder were made public in July when a friend of Soldier N, Danny Nightingale was court martialed. Danny was a SAS sniper and former friend and roommate to Soldier N.

The court martialed soldier’s mother gave to police letters which she had written in September 2011 that held information concerning the murder plot against the princess was rigged by a flash of piercing light. But authorities addressed nothing until the information came up at Nightingale’s court martial when he was sentenced in August 2013.

In a letter, Soldier N’s ex-wife advised David Cameron of the murder plot. Copies of that letter were forwarded to Army General Sir Peter Wall and Defense Secretary Phillip Hammond. In the letter, the wife states that Soldier N told her there is a box that is used by the SAS for private jobs. Individuals will put their name, address and what they wish to have accomplished inside the box and any of the SAS snipers who want to ear extra money will volunteer their time fulfilling the private requests.

Princess Diana Murder Plot– Death by Piercing Light

By birth, David Cameron is a member of the Royal family and is most likely not about to stir up any secrets hidden in the Royal soup.

Soldier N is currently in jail for possession of having illegal guns in his home. Those who know the soldier describe him and a bit radical. The Soldier in his reign to combat terror attacked his son while at home mistaking him for a Taliban terrorist, and the soldier has been heard stating that he could enlist in a couple of friends to make his wife disappear if any of this Royal cover-up was leaked.

After six years of speculation about the death of Princess Diana, possibly a light can be shine down on her highness’ unsolved murder and pierce the truth and consequences of living in the Royal regime.

Written By Lisa Graziano

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