Republican Party Showdown in Attempt to Defund ObamaCare’s Affordable Care Act

Showdown in Capitol Hill
Republicans in Health Care Showdown

There’s a showdown happening in Washington right now as Republican Party officials are reportedly hiding out in the Capitol Hill basement in an attempt to force a delay to the Affordable Care Act. After repeated efforts to have the Act retracted, Republicans are now trying to attach certain mandates to the legistlation that could see it delayed for up to a year.

The hurried addendum is being written by Republicans for the reason that they feel the Bill asks for too much government spending in health care when the money may be better spent elsewhere. A few Democrats in the Senate are on board with delaying the Act, since they also have budgetary concerns and  have failed to convince their peers that smaller steps need to be taken in terms of affordable health care for citizens.

The Affordable Care Act is an important piece of ObamaCare legislation that offers many unique changes to the health care coverage that individual Americans have used in the past decade. The Act, once legislated, will take away coverage limitations, offer coverage for preventative health care treatments, and bring down the total cost of individual health care coverage overall. The Act marks a huge change in how medical insurers price their health care products. Following this legislation, insurers cannot charge more to individuals with medical histories that were heretofore considered un-insurable. Customers should now be treated equally with small differences in costs for people who smoke cigarettes.

So why the showdown? Why doesn’t the Republican Party want unlimited health care coverage for Americans with the passing of the Affordable Care Act? True to Republican form, they simply think it’s too expensive. Furthermore, most Republicans think that health care reforms are unnecessary, despite the fact that most 1st-world nations have health care programs for their citizens that are all but free of cost. Great Britains, Canadians and even Cubans enjoy automatic health care coverage with minimal charges for medicines that are dependent on an individual’s annual income. Losing one’s home or going in debt to deal with a debilitating disease is unheard of for middle-class citizens outside of the United States.

Democrats expect that the addendum to their Bill will either be a one-year delay to spending, or repeal of the law’s medical devices act, which is a particularly expensive addition to the legislation. House Speaker John Boehner is leading the basement-based showdown, and his goal right now is to devise an addendum to the Affordable Care Bill that will grant him unanimous positive votes from the Republican Party. No House Democrats are expected to vote in favor of the amendment, as they are staunchly dedicated to reforming individual health care throughout the United States as soon as possible.

So the Republican Party showdown is on, and the ObamaCare Affordable Care Act is their unwavering target. It is expected that even if Republican-led mandates are passed in Capitol Hill, they will be repealed in the Democrat-led Senate.

by Mandy Gardner



Wall Street Journal

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