Rihanna Plus Instagram Equals Arrest

Rihanna Plus Instagram Equals Arrest

Rihanna Plus Instagram Equals Arrest

Rihanna took a break from her Diamonds World Tour and traveled to Phuket Thailand. After chilling on the beach, she stopped to take an Instagram selfie with a slow loris and posted it on the internet. The primate was on her shoulder and she added a caption about the little bundle of fur “talkin dirty” to her. But Rihanna plus her Instagram snap equaled the arrest of two criminals who illegally owned the endangered species.

When the singer posted her selfie the Thai police got very interested in the Instagram picture. After investigating, they arrested two individuals. A 20 year-old man and a 16 year-old boy, who now face up to four years in prison and a fine of over $1000. Law enforcement officials rescued two slow lorises who are a protected species.

Rihanna is a fan of Instagram and of posting selfies on the net. Although her pictures do tend to be sexier than her Thailand wildlife photographs. As well as her loris snaps, she posted a few that showed her playing around with a herd of elephants.But the 25 year-old performer did not just frolic with Thai wildlife.

Later she observed a different sort of wildlife as she got on her Twitter account to post live tweets from a Phuket sex show. Her tweets explained just what she was observing on stage and and can best be described as risque.

Rihanna took the Thailand break before her next concert in Singapore. Her slow loris selfie got over 220,000 likes before being spotted by the local police. It must be the first time that Rihanna plus her Instagram equalled an arrest.

The slow loris is a primate related to lemurs and the cute mammals are natives of Southeast and South Asia. The endangered animal is commonly used by poachers to entice tourists to have their picture taken with the adorable looking creature.

The male loris smugglers arrest was authorized by a Phuket governor. The governor set up the operation with the ministry of natural resources in order to catch the individuals on Sunday night. According to reports, they were captured in the Bangla Road section of Paton beach.

Thai law enforcement officials have been very active in attempting to stop the poaching of endangered animals from smugglers and poachers who use the creatures to make money from tourists. The area is popular with tourists who want to have photo opportunities with elephants, orangutans, lorises and other animals.

Rihanna has not commented on the end result of her slow loris selfie. But she did express delight at the airport where a fan who worked at passport control handed her a handwritten note with “I love Rihanna” on it. She used her Instagram again to take a picture of it.

The two males arrested are said to be called “touts” in Thailand. A number of these touts had been arrested in June this year, but local officials say that they are difficult to track down. Police say that the law breakers have spies who alert them when raids are scheduled.

The two “touts” were arrested and their illegal lorises are to be taken to a national park in Phang Nga where they will be set free. If they could understand, they would be very happy to know that Rihanna plus her Instagram photo equalled freedom and their captor’s arrest.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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