Rise Above Suicidal Tendencies and Depression with Magical Wood (video)

Rise Above Depression with Magical Wood
Perhaps we have all had moments in our lives where we feel that we just can’t go on. The situation we find ourselves in is testing us to our very limits and even the strongest among us is, at times, are not immune to negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness. No matter who we are, what walk of life, our family situation, mental state or belief system, when overwhelm and sadness take over it can seem as though there is no way out. Deep in the forests of Ecuador there grows a tree whose wood is thought to be magical and can help one rise above suicidal tendencies and thoughts of depression with a simple waft of its fragrance.

In the same family as Frankincense, Copal and Myrrh, and translated as ‘holy wood’, the amazing Palo Santo tree has been recognized for thousands of years by shamans and medicine people all over South America for its healing benefits and mind supportive nature. In order to use the bark of this tree there is a certain protocol that must be followed which requires one to honor the tree for the life it has lived. Palo santo is not harvested for healing purposed unless it has died of natural causes and fallen on its own. Then it must cure for at least 3 years before the wood is suitable for use as a healing tool.

Palo Santo can be used in the cured wood form, burned to take in the fragrance and uplifting qualities or used as an essential oil, placed on the body on certain points such as the temples, third eye, feet and heart center. In South America, shamans use Palo Santo much like Native Americans use sage – to cleanse and purify a space of any negative energy or ‘spirits.’

The scent alone can lift one out of the feeling of depression, anxiety and even remove thoughts of suicide and grief. Also known as ‘sacred wood’ or ‘holy wood’ Palo Santo contains high levels of D-Limonene and Monotropenes which can help one overcome cancer symptoms. Great for inflammation, headaches, joint pain and allergies, Palo Santo is as versatile as it is delicious to smell. Containing over 112 chemical compounds, Palo Santo is a strong antibacterial agent, cleansing an area of not only bad energy, but germs and contaminents and can relieve burns on contact.

For those experiencing negative mental states and bordering on suicidal tendencies, Palo Santo can be inhaled regularly or taken as a drop of essential oil in a capsule or in a glass of nut milk. The essential oil form quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier effecting brain chemicals and encouraging a positive state of mind and relief from the lows that bring one into hopelessness and despair.

Rise above suicidal tendencies, depression, illness and diseases of all sorts as well as simply creating a sensual environment of beauty, love and transcendence with the magical wood known as Palo Santo. Used for centuries to meditate and calm the spirit, Palo Santo can bring one out of despair and into clarity, hope and liberation with the miraculous scent of its time-honored fragrance. If you have never experienced the magic of one of the worlds most beautiful woods, pick up some Palo Santo today and rise above whatever ails you. You will be forever grateful to find such a treasure.

If you would like to make Palo Santo tea, which works just as well for uplifting the spirit and providing one with the beneficial essential elements of the wood, here is a short instructional video on how to do so.

Disclaimer: (If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, get help by calling the hotline 1-800-SUICIDE. Don’t delay. Know that there are ways to feel supported including the item mentioned in this article as well as groups, techniques and people who would love to chat with you).

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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