Saga of the Kanye and Kimmel Twitter Rant Gets Nastier

The Saga of the Kanye and Kimmel Twitter Rant

The saga of Kanye West’s Twitter rant about Jimmy Kimmel’s poking fun of him Thursday night just made West’s attitude even nastier.

On Thursday night, Kanye Twitter-ranted about Jimmy Kimmel poking of him in a parody spoof the comedian performed on his late night show. But what is a musical performer and fashion designer to expect when he is the No. 1 rock star on the planet? Or so Kanye quotes in an exclusive interview with BBC.

Maybe Kanye’s rage is not truly directed at Kimmel, but at all the attention his brand new baby daughter is receiving from the paparazzi. In Kanye’s Twitter tirade, he complains that Kimmel’s spoof of him was not funny and that at least Kimmel doesn’t have scum bags (meaning the attention of the paparazzi) scaling fences taking pictures of his daughter.

What has given Kanye all this Twitter rage is the spoof concocted about him on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show where two bratty little kids reenact Kanye’s BBC Radio 1 interview.

Come on! When Kanye admits to the world in his own words, “I am the biggest of them all” and that Kanye has exceeded Michael Jackson claiming to be the number one rock star on the planet, someone has to find enough comedy in that to parody him.

By the looks of Kanye’s juvenile Tweeting, it appears Jimmy Kimmel rapped the rapper’s feelings when he used bratty children to depict Kanye’s interview. The Jimmy Kimmel Live show took Kanye’s BBC interview and reenacted Kanye’s words using a kid actor. That’s all.

And in response to the rapper’s hurt feelings, Kanye tweeted in rage at least eight consecutive Tweets back at Kimmel disapproving the comedian’s sense of humor.

  • Sarah Silverman is a thousand times funnier than you….
  • Should I do a spoof about your face….
  • You can’t put yourself in my shoes your face looks crazy….
  • ….Kimmel is out of line and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years.

Enough Tweeted?

Before the Tweet fest began and just after the comic spoof aired, Kanye called Kimmel and gave the comedian two well, thought out ultimatums. The first  was for Kimmel to publically apologize or the second, to make Kimmel’s life better and apologize. Doesn’t Kanye realize he sets himself up as spoofing material?

The Saga of the Kanye and Kimmel Twitter Rant

Kimmel’s tweeted response back at the planet’s No. 1 rock star (correction Kanye is a hip-hop rapper) was “one more of these I WILL unfollow you.”

Now Kimmel is known for his use of funny parodies on his late night comic show. Just a week ago, Kimmel revealed that the viral video that exploded over the Internet of the twerking girl catching on fire was actually masterminded by Kimmel himself. However in this instance, Kimmel tweeted to his audience that West’s tweet-attacks concerning the bratty child parody was not a spoof at all, he promises.

Funny enough, Kanye is well-known for his outburst of anger, not humor.

Just after completing his Twitter attack on the late night host, Kanye had words with again the paparazzi, and rightly so. The were caught outside West’s bachelor pad at 4:00 a.m. asking questions about West’s twitter rage towards Kimmel. But what does Kanye expect when he is the best there is on the planet? He draws attention to himself.

The only responses given by Kanye to the paparazzi were several F word statements. Kanye ordered the blood-sucking mosquito biting paps to leave the premise and then Kanye ferociously lunged at the cameraman, but this time no touching.

And this is good behavior for the planet’s No. 1 rock star. Kanye is currently facing charges of theft and assault in a LAX attack this summer where the photog claims Kanye injured him in the incident.

So the saga of Kanye continues as I am sure so also will the tweeted rants. If not Jimmy Kimmel, it will be someone else.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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