Sandra Bullock George Clooney and Her Disappearing Dress

Sandra Bullock George Clooney and the Disappearing Dress

Sandra Bullock George Clooney and the Disappearing Dress

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney worked together in the new film Gravity. The two are close friends and have known each other for years. So many years that, as Bullock said to Tonight Show host Jay Leno, that they have started taking years off. Leno, asked Sandra about something that happened at a party she attended with Clooney that ended with her dress attempting a disappearing act. You can hear Sandra tell the story in the video below.

According to Ms Bullock, she and George went to a dinner party together. Sandra had been telling the party’s host that if he did not cheer up, she was going to put him in the pool. After making this threat several times over the course of the evening, she found Clooney and another guest had taken off their trousers and were only wearing pants.

Clooney told his Gravity co-star that he and the other guest were going into the pool, on the count of three. Sandra went along with the idea and stood between the two men holding their hands. As the countdown to three began, Bullock noticed Nicole Kidman walking up carrying a stack of towels.

At that point, the award winning actress said that Ms Kidman appeared to be moving in slow motion.

When the countdown reached three, she jumped into the pool…alone. To make matters worse, the 49 year-old actress was wearing a “cute little lace dress” that began to disintegrate as she walked out of the pool. Sandra Bullock was duped into jumping into the pool by her pal George Clooney, but she is so close to him that she forgave him for her disappearing dress.

Tonight Show host Jay Leno, already knew about the incident and he found it very amusing. So, apparently, did Sandra Bullock, who has been close to Clooney’s for years. She told Leno at the beginning of her chat with him that the two had “hung around” with each other for ages and that they’d attended many different functions together.

Leno asked if the two had ever dated and Bullock replied that they had not. She went on to say that they were probably the only two people in show business who had never dated each other. According to Sandra, they are “too similar.”

Jay then asked her just how they were similar, and she replied that it was in all the “disturbing ways.”

It was obviously the two performers close friendship that enabled them to work so well as a team on their latest film Gravity. In the film, Clooney plays an astronaut who takes Bullock’s inexperienced character up into space for the first time.

Once they arrive in space, an accident separates the two and they must each figure out a way to survive. Sandra Bullock has been promoting the film and has spoken of how the experience of working on the film was made more enjoyable by Clooney and the presence of her adopted three year-old son Louis.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney make a great cinematic team but, off set, she might want to wear a dress that doesn’t disappear when wet. We have included the Jay Leno interview in the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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