Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll ARE the Answer – Just Not the Way You Thought

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll ARE the Answer - Just Not the Way You Thought
You have long heard the phrase ‘Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll’ like a tag line from the 1960’s. They seem to go together somehow, and even studies have shown that they follow the same neurological pathways in the brain offering similar pleasures. However, what if sex, drugs and rock and roll really are the answer to life’s greatest questions, just not in the way you previously thought of them?

Let’s look at each piece of this three-some in depth. As many of us have realized, at some point in our evolutionary becoming, life hands us products, situations and beliefs which always have dual meaning. In the case of these three things, our brains seem to have automatic programming predetermining what exactly is being shared here, but what if we choose a different perspective? Sex, drugs and rock and roll could simply be pointing us in the direction of intimacy, altered states of consciousness and harmony.

Sex and Sexuality

When we look at the word sex and what it implies, we have to admit that the cultures of the world have long bastardized the only means by which any of us got here. Sex is the force which created ever single person on the planet, no denying. At the same time we carry this inner knowledge, we continue to see and often support the cruel interpretation of sex and sexuality as we see it depicted on the movie screen, on billboards and in magazines everywhere. Sex has become a commodity, it is bought and sold by everyone in one form or another with very little respect. Isn’t there another way sex can be understood and portrayed? Of course!


Unfortunately, the misuse of sex and misrepresented way sex is portrayed in our culture leads many into the illusion that we need to discourage it to our youth. We teach the act of sex as being improper behavior to our youth, which can lead to disease and unwanted pregnancy. As a result of our skewed perceptions, which do nothing to dull the natural urges we all come here with, rape, masturbation, pornography, sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction and frigidity become the norm in a society that does not know what to do with such a potent power existing within them. Does anyone know how few women in this world have ever experienced an honest orgasm? Studies report 75% of women have never had one.

Now, if we look at sexuality in the light of human intimacy and the need we each have to experience this power in pure form, we can begin to glimpse how sex is one of the answers to life. Sexuality unites us with the essence of creation, both within ourselves and combined with another. When we can truly experience the untarnished union of two souls, without guilt or shame, in the space of surrendered intimacy and trust, the universe and its secrets can begin to reveal themselves to us. This is the secret of tantra and sacred sexuality.

Sex is not meant to be a lure, a tease or a jewel to be won. Sex should never be ‘taken’ or demanded of another and sexuality should definitely not be used as a tool to exchange for something else – money, power or otherwise.  When we misuse anything as potent as sex, we must be prepared for the consequences, as we see expressed around the world in the misuse and mistreatment of human sexuality.  It is not that sex in and of itself is bad, but the misuse of it surely is.  Sex and sexuality, intimacy between two people, realized without fear or demand, is one of the most powerful forces of the universe, when applied with love and kindness – can heal the planet.

And that’s the truth about sex.

Drugs and Higher Consciousness

altered statesDrugs are another story, though similar in its misinterpretation as sex.  Drugs refer to substances which can alter either the effects of the body systems or one’s consciousness.  Though there are pharmaceutical drugs which play a huge role in millions upon millions of people’s lives, usually when using the term ‘drugs,’ as in ‘he or she is on drugs,’ one is referring to illegal drugs which alter the mind.

Drugs, or mind-altering substances, all have the same desired goal of assisting the user in reaching a blissful, expanded state of mind.  The reason for taking said drugs is to experience ‘something greater’ than what is currently known by the participator.  Drugs represent the human desire for higher consciousness, the quest for Truth, the longing for a disassociation with pain and suffering in order to realize one’s highest potential for experience.  Drugs could be synonymous with consciousness.  True, the kind of drug one takes and the level of consciousness one is able to maintain as a result of ingestion, varies from person to person, though the motivation is likely very similar.

Drugs represent our need to see clearly beyond the fences of fear, denial and frustration that are so often presented to us in this world.  Yes, many take drugs in order to ‘escape’ their reality and upon returning, find they cannot cope with the issues at hand and therefore long to return to the world ‘without problems’ which they believe drugs offer them.  This is a problem because society asks each individual to take up a certain amount of responsibility for their lives and actions.  We do not have a culture that supports mind-altering states. We have a consumerism culture which demands us to pay bills and participate in politics to some degree or another.  We are asked to educate ourselves and contribute to the financial experience which includes taxes and mortgages.  When we try to live life in another way, in a world that does not support us, we suffer.

We are also not taught that we can achieve higher states of consciousness without the use of substances.  Techniques, as are offered through practices of yoga and martial arts, open up the possibility for practitioners to begin to realize higher states of their own accord.  Raising our awareness and becoming privy to higher states of mind without the use of substances should be central to any educational system as it taps a fundamental need of every human, just like sacred sexuality ought be taught.

Desiring to live with a higher state of mind is no more wrong than wishing intimacy without betrayal.  We have a culture which feels devoid of ways in which to find those trascendent states and feel we must induce them artificially.  There is, however, another way.

Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Patterns

Man playing the bongo drums close-up of handsRock and Roll is the final piece of this equation.  Though many equate rock and roll with loud, head-banging music with no value and, perhaps, evil lyrics, rock and roll really represents music and harmony expressing itself in a way which brings people together.  Rock and Roll cultures are those in which the participants dance together, memorize lyrics and share nostalgic moments of songs performed with heart.  Often the words to these songs stir the soul to remember something beyond three-dimensional ‘surface’ reality like John Lennon’s Imagine – where we are asked to imagine a world with no religion, no countries and no possessions.

Music is a critical part of life and the interconnectedness of all people.  Without music, the world would be very dull indeed and lack a certain magic which crosses cultural boundaries and time.  How many of us do not know Pink Floyd’s song Wish You Were Here or Aretha Franklin’s Respect?  Some rock and roll songs will likely be with us forever like the 4 Seasons Walk Like a Man or Big Girls Don’t Cry.  When we know songs together, and sing and dance together, we are able to realize harmony in life and in this crazy, unfathomable existence.

Rock and Roll could also represent our human need to see patterns and to dance within them.  This world is made up of fractals of multidimensional equations.  We live within an ever evolving pattern, surrounded by patterns daily.  Flowers grow this way, as do trees, our cells, and all animal life.  The Fibonacci sequence, which is fundamental to the growth of everything, represents how this world was made by following basic, musical, rhythmic patterns of creation.  Music and rhythm are life making love to itself, and we long to be a part of this ecstatic dance ever unfolding around and within us.  Perhaps rock and roll when seen as this dance, coupled with the consciousness drugs represents and the orgasm of sex, allows us to finally see the way life was truly created, and continues to be re-created, every moment of existence.  In the throws of this threesome, we somehow are able to glimpse the truth of who we really are – wild, primal dancing whirls of consciousness aware of its own bliss.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll may just be another way of saying what is important to us is intimacy, higher consciousness and harmony. Perhaps this famous mantra sung by Guns and Roses for decades now really just reflects our deepest human needs put in crude terms for shock’s sake.  It’s easy to be ‘modest’ and reject these things as being keys to life, instead warning our children against their potential ability to corrupt.  But maybe it is true, just not in the way you thought – sex, drugs and rock and roll really are the answer!  Every human needs intimacy, awareness and harmonious connection.  An evolved being can grow dynamically by engaging in conscious sacred sex, raising their minds to new heights and moving in rhythm with all of existence.  There are so many levels at which to interpret this sentiment.  What do you think?  And…which way do you choose to live it?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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