Sharon Osbourne Admits Affair with Jay Leno

Just a "flingy wingy"

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Sharon Osbourne, the non-filtered wife of famed rocker, Ozzy Osbourne, admitted to a fling. About 25 years ago, Osbourne was led by a good friend to a club. Standing on the small stage delivering a comedy bit was none other than Jay Leno. Osbourne was impressed with his skills, character and humor. She dropped casually to her friend she found him interesting. Recently, arrived to America, the pretty Brit collaborated with her friend to prank call Leno several times prior to connecting with the now late-night talk show host. The calls developed into more, until one day Leno visited Osbourne and one thing lead to another.

The Secret Revealed

Where was Ozzy during this “flingy-wingy” as Osbourne characterized it? They had just connected as friends and were not seeing each other consistently. Leno was a bachelor during the time, as he had not met his long-time love and future wife Mavis until shortly after. Osbourne related the brief affair on The Talk. Interestingly enough, ever affable Osbourne, appeared to be hesitant in relaying the story. This of course leads one to wonder if Leno is working from under a wife’s wondering glare.

Sharon’s History and Success

Sharon and Ozzy connected with love and resilience
Sharon and Ozzy connected with love and resilience

The friendship developed between Ozzy and his future bride when her father managed Black Sabbath. In the late 70s, Osbourne would become the manager of her husband’s music career, after the troubled rocker was kicked from the group, due to substance abuse. They came friends during the time Osbourne and Leno connected very briefly. The young and in love couple married in 1982, and entered darker and more troubled phases throughout their marriage. Ozzy’s drug abuse reached another level of dangerous when he was arrested for strangling his young bride. Thereafter, the rocker was institutionalized in a mental facility for several months thereafter.

After the incident, Osbourne remained committed to her marriage with Ozzy. They worked together to endure past the darkness and have been married since. In 2002 when The Osbournes premiered on MTV; the world received a glimpse into the loving, at times troubled home of the rocker family. Considering the leaps and bounds Kelly and Jack have overcome to become individual successes, it seems Osbourne’s firm parenting hand worked. Ozzy came across as the scatterbrained but doting father to his attitude riddled children. The family has grown tremendously since the show and continue to brand their own paths.

Osbourne’s witty conversational style has won slots on popular television shows such as, The X Factor (UK), America’s Got Talent, The Celebrity Apprentice and currently The Talk. Osbourne is well received and much loved from audiences across the country. Considering her former lover, Jay Leno, he too has paved a path of utter success — perhaps connecting with the young Osbourne boosted his confidence in love, career and life.

The Osbournes appeared on Leno's show. The ease with Leno was visible.
The Osbournes appeared on Leno’s show. The ease with Leno was visible.

Jay Leno Finds Love and Success Post-Fling

Jay and Mavis have been married and in love since their meeting in 1980
Jay and Mavis have been married and in love since their meeting in 1980

Leno gained a critical role in late night television in the early 90s when Johnny Carson made a sudden decision to retire. The public expected David Letterman to absorb the hosting abilities, instead the network opted to select the novice Jay Leno for the slot. Leno rocked the ratings and became the highest paid television late night show host, signing a five-year $100 million contract in the late 90s.

In 2009 and 2010, Leno and NBC agreed to part ways and funnyman Conan O’Brien took the main spot. The show did not fair well and neither did Leno’s spin-off talk show. NBC seduced Leno back into the prime-time seat, it seems Leno well be ending his contract for good in 2014, passing the reigns to SNL alum Jimmy Fallon. Last year, it was Leno who made a move to cut his salary to save the job of 20 others on his show, a move that only grew his list of admirers. It seems now Leno is looking forward to retirement with wife, and his impressive collection of cars and motorcycles.

What Happens Now?

25 years have passed since Osbourne and Leno connected romantically. Osbourne made the reveal of the earlier in life affair. The dual had never mentioned the information previously, and it seems even Osbourne was a little hesitant on sharing the information. Now, that the cat is out of the bag, questions are surely to come. It seems the fling was brief and before either individual connected with their current spouses. For now, it is a delicious piece of celebrity history!

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