Starbucks: A Haven for Criminals?

Starbucks a Haven for Criminals

Everyone loves a great cup of coffee, but if you are a gun toting guzzler, it’s best to stay away.  Much after the fact of mass massacres in the United States and well before the latest round of gunfire in Washington D.C.’s Navy yard, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz declared the company a ‘No-gun’ and ‘No smoking’ zone.  It is not a haven for criminals, it is just a place of peace and friendship.  The 40 year old company has taken a stand against guns on the premises.   If it’s not to your liking,  you can go smoke and drink in another locale.

The coffee café that caters to meetings, reunions and first dates,  attracts the usual cream of crop patrons.  Their ‘made to order’ lattes and teas have earned them a winning place in flavor and style.  Their ethically produced special blends are combined for flavorful treats despite the charge of caffeine and damage to your wallet.   A haven for criminals would certainly not fit into Starbucks ideals across the country.

Whether you go there to use Facebook to view Miley’s latest antics on Facebook, or just to relax with a cup of brew,  you can get caffeinated for your day at Starbucks.  They offer a huge array of choices in drinks and food, that might leave your head spinning.   The haven for criminals will have to get by with the usual display of voyeurism and drug use.  No smoking and no guns allowed, but a few slip in the back to do their tricks.

Starbucks is not your old time western saloon, it is a new watering hole for the conservative, hard-working folks who don’t know how to fix coffee at home.  The antics of the displaced individuals seem to take advantage of the public bathroom to hide cameras and do drugs.  It is a sad affair of times gone wrong, as coffee houses only want to provide a place for conversation and meeting of the minds.

The ‘No-Guns’ policy is welcomed and encouraged as folks sip their tasty drinks coast to coast.  Safety first is always a good motto!   The establishment has refined their brews as much as their ingredients allow.  Do you really know where your coffee beans are coming from?  If you don’t have a gun, we will gladly shoot up the espresso for another round.  The lewd acts and tawdry displays of some have given way to others escaping from their diets and splurging.  Starbucks’ haven of criminals would include the guilty of every diet program.

While a safe place is brewing and conversation is stewing, a destruction of nutrition is running rapid.  You can easily sabotage the haven of criminals in your diet, by indulging in a simple unsweetened tea with zero calories or going whole hog with a smashing White Hot Chocolate, which is 640 calories.  The list in endless with pastries and coffee concoctions to ease the woes of the world.

A haven for criminals is not a welcome sight for Starbucks as they actively stand against the forces of the world.  It’s a place to discuss and open up as people enjoy a simple cup of coffee.  A cup of cheer and goodness to satisfy the soul in an uncertain world.

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