Stress Free Living with Chamomile


Stress can be created through so many different catalysts. Depending on the individual and the way experiences are perceived, any number of possibilities, actions or expectations can induce stress.  Even youth these days are susceptible to stress due to the high demands placed on them of future schooling and “perceived threats” many of us in older generations never knew.  Thanks to the world of nature, individuals can find themselves living in a virtually stress-free world with a bit of quality sleep, exercise and the help of a little flower called chamomile.

Chamomile is a tiny yellow-centered flower with white petals and looks a lot like Feverfew. Thought to have originated in Egypt, chamomile has a very distinct smell and lends itself well to herbal concoctions easily brewed up for relaxation.  Simply steeping some chamomile flowers in some warm milk and honey, for example, can help anyone of any age drift peacefully off to sleep, free of worries, anxiety or fear.  Young children can take chamomile and those utilizing medications are usually uncompromised by the results this sweetly fragrant treat supplies (though those on blood thinners or any prescription medications should talk to their doctors before adding chamomile to their diet.)

Chamomile acts as a gentle nerve tonic and can help with the reduction of cortisol in the body, the hormone your body produces during stress.  At the very least, it soothes nerves and relaxes the mind from thoughts and notions that could lead to stress or anxiety.  Chamomile contains a flavonoid called apigenin, which acts as a natural sedative, helping one unwind and melt into the much desired, blissful land of peace.

From crying children to over-worked adults, chamomile can be a life-saver in moments of anxiety, nervous tension and disturbance.  Not only is chamomile good for the nervous system, it’s great for the bones.  Cortisol, when raised in the body for repeated lengthy periods of time, can wreak havoc on the bones.  Cortisol creates an excessively acidic state which breaks down bones.  Chamomile helps to stop this process and return the body to its natural state of balance and harmony.

If you have stress in your life or in your body, find yourself some delicate chamomile flowers and experience the deeply relaxing benefits offered by nature’s mini-wonders. Most grocery stores carry chamomile tea, and chamomile tinctures can be found at health food stores or on-line.  Tinctures are extracts, easy to use and more potent than the dried flowers alone.  With a tincture, you can find glycerine based formulas or alcohol based ones.  For alcohol extracts, the most common type, simply add the tincture to hot liquid, such as hot water or steamed milk, to evaporate the alcohol content, leaving you with the pure goodness of the herb.

Enter the realm of stress-free living with chamomile and watch your world transform into a more glorious, less chaotic place full of wonder, harmony and sweet smells. Before you reach for medications, try nature’s secrets.  You can also find chamomile in essential oil form which can be rubbed directly into the skin, diffused or bathed in.

By: Stasia Bliss

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