Teen Wolf: Love Triangles Ahead!

Teen Wolf: Love Triangles Ahead!

The mid-season cliffhanger and the triangles of love have left Scott and friends in a much larger world. Where will the second half of season three find the story of Teen Wolf? Looks like love triangles are ahead for much of the cast.

Quick recap of where we’ve gone in the first twelve episodes: Season Three has seen the expansion of the Teen Wolf world, deepening the mythos and richness of the overall story.

Scott has learned that he not only has the potential to be a True Alpha, but is able to embrace it and become it toward the end of Episode 12. This is an extremely rare occurrence, happening “once in a hundred years” according to Deaton, that an Alpha can rise upon the strength of his own character. With Derek giving up his Alpha power to save his sister, it seems that Scott is the only true leader left after Deucalion’s departure.

The role of Deaton, as well as his sister, are defined as emissaries, essentially a line of Druids that act as intermediaries between humans and the werewolves (really the supernatural at large). It is from these emissaries that Jennifer came from, one of the antagonists in the first half of the series. That the knowledge of the Druids can cultivate a lot of power in an individual, as shown by both Jennifer’s strength and supernatural abilities, all of which has introduced and defined, to some extent, magic and its use.

Lydia is finally revealed to be a banshee, although that has yet to be explained, in the last few episodes of Season 3A. While this has not made her any less strange, it seems to lend some explanation as to why she knows about all the deaths and her attunement to the supernatural. Since, in traditional folk lore, a banshee wails to signal death, or impending death, it seems there is some correlation to how Lydia has acted thus far.

Allison and her father have, somewhat reluctantly, returned to hunting. Chris Argent seems to be reluctant to return to hunting, but his inability to turn a blind eye to innocent deaths has him hunting Jennifer in secret most of the first half of season three. Allison has also turned her skills to keeping her friends, especially Scott, safe and helping to avoid bloodshed. At the end of this last episode, we saw Allison and Chris returning to hunting, but with a new creed to defend all of Beacon Hills from whatever strangeness might come around now that the Nematon has been reactivated.

It is exciting to see Peter become one of the antagonists again. He is such a great character and Ian Bohen plays this complex and dangerously intelligent creature so well. And, although it appeared that he killed Jennifer, we shall see if Jennifer returns as a friend or foe in the next half of season three.

That leaves us with a wide open door on the supernatural and the creatures Scott and friends may encounter through the rest of this season. The teenage drama also seems to be increasing as we find two love triangles forming between Stiles – Lydia – Aidan and Scott – Allison – Isaac.

In a recent interview with E!, Holland Roden said of Lydia and Aidan’s relationship, “I think it’s very much still fully on so far. It’s kind of like a wait and see kind of thing. I don’t want to call it a triangle because technically I don’t know if I am saying too much or not, but I am friends with both of them and still I am very intimate with one.”

When asked about the whole Lydia Banshee thing, Roden stated, “you definitely learn more about it. You learn the backstory of how Banshees came about.”

So many wonderful things to look forward to for our lovable, and loath-able, cast of characters. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for Teen Wolf’s return Jan. 6 2014 on MTV. Till then, catch up on the series!

Written by: Iam Bloom

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