“The Fox” Dance Craze Goes Viral


Twerking detractors: Your prayers might have been answered, as a new viral dance craze has all the makings of being able to dethrone the much vilified moves that garnered Miley Cyrus so much attention at her VMA’s performance. On the other hand, next time, as the saying goes, please be more careful what you ask for. One would be hard pressed to find anything objectionable in the dance that is associated with “The Fox,” nor are the lyrics obscene; but they are extremely annoying.

The video was conceived by Ylvis, the name two Norwegian brothers have given to their comedic musical duo. It has only been on Youtube since September 3, and already has over 19 million views. In addition, just as with any truly viral video, it has already spawned myriad spoofs, and tutorials on how to do the dance. Huffington Post even published an article on what foxes actually sound like because of the song. What can one say to that, except that HuffPo is overthinking a tongue-in-cheek song?

By comparison, Jimmy Kimmel’s “Worst Twerk Fail Ever” video, which was published on the same date has less than 12 million views on Youtube, and falls short of the views “The Fox” has gotten even if the views from the reveal of the prank are added in. However, it must be remembered that just because a music video has been watched millions of times does not mean that it is popular. Rebecca Black’s Friday is a prime example of this. That song essentially became famous for being terrible, although so far most of the audience reaction to Ylvis is positive.

Although some have compared “The Fox” to “Gangnam Style,” it is improbable that despite going viral, Ylvis’ hit can really top the most viewed Youtube video of all time.

Ylvis already has its own late night talk show in Norway, and several other music videos; but because of the publicity from “The Fox” the brothers are now receiving offers of album and tour deals. This is an opportunity they want to take advantage of; but they have expressed concern about being able to juggle that along with their shooting schedule, which was supposed to keep them busy for the next three months.

The previously released songs by Ylvis are available both on Youtube and iTunes, and are also getting extra attention due to the viral hit.

Although some have compared “The Fox” to “Gangnam Style,” it is improbable that despite going viral, Ylvis’ hit can really top the most viewed Youtube video of all time.

It is unlikely that the song is going anywhere, although the choreography is rather complex, and one wonders whether despite the tutorials the viral video will result in a true dance craze. However, maybe people could stop playing the original version of “The Fox,” and do the dance to one of the spoofs. I find this one, with actual fox sounds, much less obnoxious, and the pet foxes are adorable. That could become problematic; however, as it might become a fad to obtain these animals as pets. When Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie was released, many people bought that breed of dog, only to realize Dalmatians in many cases do not make the best pets, especially for households with children.

By Milton Ruiz

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