Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Repeat as Golden Globes Co-Hosts


The major awards show crossover news is that Tina Fey told Ryan Seacrest on the Emmy’s red carpet that she’s going to repeat her gig at co-hosting the Golden Globes Awards show next year along with Amy Poehler, who also co-hosted the show with her in 2013.

This is great news for the Golden Globes show, as it experienced a huge upsurge in ratings when Tina Fey and Amy Pohler co-hosted it in 2013.

Tina asked Ryan (you can read about it also at Ryan’s E! site):

Have you asked Amy yet, because we literally said we’re going to talk about it tonight because we haven’t seen each other.”

Tina Fey, star of 30 Rock, explained to Seacrest that she and Poehler haven’t been able to talk to each other much lately, as they’ve been working on projects on opposite coasts.

However, now that they would both be at the Emmys, Tina told Seacrest that they would finally be able to talk about the possibility of their again co-hosting the Golden Globes:

NBC has invited us. We’re going to talk about it tonight!”

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were comedy dynamite at the 2013 Golden Globes, making them a big success, so the news that they will co-host the Awards ceremony again is welcome. Seeing the two together will likely prove to be once again a big ratings draw, E! reports.

Since this past August, rumors have been bandied about that these two alums from Satruday Night Live (SNL) had been offered the gig of returning as the co-hosts of the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Perhaps the first report that these two brilliant comedians had been asked to return as the co-hosts was at the Deadline site. Originally, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had agreed that the gig would be a one-time occurrence. But, when they co-hosted last, they attracted an at-home audience of approximately 20 million.

It’s hard to argue with success like that, especially as the ratings were a vast improvement over the previous year — a 17 percent increase in ratings, in fact — when Ricky Gervais had been the host.

Previously, Tina Fey had not wanted to spill the beans to E! or any other source. She had her rep tell E! News that she had “no information to share.”

Now, though, Tina has broken the silence, and she has confirmed that the countless rumors surrounding the possibility that she will once again co-host the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler will be a reality.

Tina Fey confirmed the news to Ryan Seacrest at the Emmys that she and Amy Poehler will return as the co-hosts of the Golden Globes. Will they improve the ratings even more over their first appearance as co-hosts there? I, for one, am definitely looking forward to seeing them both appear together as the co-hosts of the Golden Globes!

What are your opinions? Did you love their last co-hosting gig, or did you not think they were good at co-hosting the awards show? Leave your comments below, and Like this article, please!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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