Tina Fey and the Nip Slip Incident of 2013 (Video)


On the Late, Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, actress and comedienne Tina Fey from SNL and 30 Rock explained to Fallon all about what happened in her much ballyhooed Nip Slip Incident  of 2013 at the Primetime Emmy Awards, giving him the complete 411 (a SNL promo follows, in which Tina reveals her “hidden assets).

It turns out, according to Tina Fey, that she had no idea at the time what had happened. Tina heard about her Emmys wardrobe malfunction only later, from her mom, in what must have been a mutually embarrassing conversation over the phone.

On Sunday, Fey, who is both the star and the creator of 30 Rock, was accepting her Emmy for Outstanding Writing of a Comedy Series with her friend and co-writer Tracey Wigfield, when for the briefest of seconds, one of her nipples was exposed for all the world to see — assuming they were watching very closely, and had the eyes of an eagle.

I missed it, but I have contacts and am about half blind.

Tina Fey didn’t know about it, herself, until the following day, when she called her parents to talk to them.

To Jimmy Fallon, one of her friends and co-stars on SNL, Fey explained that he minute she got on the phone with her mom, she said: “I’m reading about your nip slip.” Talk about Embarrassment City….

Tina went on, telling Fallon that she guessed that her mom must have a “Google alert” on her name. She said to her mom that: “I don’t know what you’re talking about there, mum.”

Tina’s mom, Fey learned later, was correct, but the shot went by so quickly, that the only way that most people would have probably noticed it is if they videotaped or DVR’d the show and slowed it down until when, as Tina says, “for one second when I go hug my friend Trecey Wigfield.” She said that she guessed that there must have been what she calls  “a momentary situation.”

Tina Fey’s making the most out of an embarrassing situation

Tina likely was embarrassed to hear what had inadvertently happened, during the now-famous Nip Slip Incident of 2013.

However, she had decided to turn that embarrassing moment into another chance at mining comedy gold, as she addresses the incident in a promo for Saturday Night Live, which she will host this Saturday night. It will be the show’s 39th season premiere, and Fey does not shy away from discussing the Nip Slip Incident of 2013.

As Tina talks about what happened, she is seen in the video flapping her arms, as she  says that the incident “will never happen again.”

But just then, what do you think happens? Tina suffers yet another wardrobe malfunction, when her jacket opens up and flashes her exposed breasts. They are pixillated, though. It’s a clever video, and Saturday night’s premiere of SNL is sure to be a huge ratings success, in part because of Tina Fey’s Nip Slip Incident of 2013.

Check out the series of SNL promos in the video which follows! At the end Tina reveals her “hidden assets”!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

Tina Fey SNL Promos Where She Reveals Her Hidden Assets

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