Tobacco Smokers – Cough it Up!

Tobacco Smokers – Cough it Up!

Tobacco Smokers – Cough it Up!

If you’re a tobacco smoker in search of a phlegm producing, breath inhibiting, marijuana smelling, something-or-other, Lobelia Inflata may be what you’re in search of.  If your cigarette of choice, hasn’t yet choked the life out of you, then quite possibly, this tobacco will give you the hacking, nagging, nasty, cough that you’re looking for.  But remember, after you roll it up, and smoke it up, get ready to cough it up, because it produces more mucus than you can imagine.

Lobelia Inflata, or Indian tobacco, as it’s enjoyably called, has drastically increased in popularity over the past several years by the young, old, and in-between. Unfortunately, for them, prolonged smoking of this tobacco will have the puffer coughing, hacking and making regular trips to the bathroom to spit out the phlegm it produces.

Although the sale of Indian tobacco is frowned on by the US government; it’s still legal and can be purchased at your local tobacco shop.  The FDA has labeled this product as “not for human consumption,” and each package explicitly says just that. But, be-that-as-it-may, these warnings haven’t diminished its’ sale or popularity for those in seeking the miasmic haze of synthetic marijuana.

Even though Indian tobacco has been around for centuries, it continues to make its’ way through the US from China and other parts unknown. Over the years, various Indian tribes have used it in rituals or ceremonies to ward off spirits; to heal, or just for fun.  The medical profession has used it to help with the cessation of smoking cigarettes or to alleviate spasms. Though not easily identifiable under other slang names, e.g., Pukeweed, bladderpod, rag root, eye-bright, and vomit wort, its’ effect on the body hasn’t changed. It gets you ‘high.’

Those who smoke Indian tobacco enjoy the euphoric benefits of marijuana without the PCP; and they love it. For those in the military, law-enforcement, professional sports, and those who are wedded to post- incarceration employees, love it even more. You know why…

Indian tobacco, like regular tobacco, causes an abundance of phlegm because it thins the mucus membranes. Studies have shown that Indian tobacco is not harmful in small doses, but daily and excessive puffing can cause such symptoms as: dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations, convulsions, coma, and death.  Those who suffer with hypertension, liver or heart disease, should steer clear of this tobacco, just as they should cigarettes.

Whether you call it Indian tobacco, Lobelias, Pukeweek, Vomitwort or synthetic marijuana, one thing is certain, it can be toxic; so smoke at your own risk.

Written by DeBorah Heggs-Alston


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