Wal-Mart Trucker Warren Greeno Honored for 4 Million Miles Accident-Free

Wal-Mart Trucker Honored for 4 Million Miles Accident-Free

For Wal-Mart long-distance trucker, Warren Greeno, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week became his personal celebration, when Wal-Mart honored him for logging 4 million miles accident free. In a celebration that happened on Saturday during the special week for truck drivers, Greeno was awarded a new red, rig for his accomplishment.

Greeno, was flown to the Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters, where he was presented with his new rig. He is the first driver in the company’s history to achieve such a milestone.  In the past, 81 drivers have rolled in 3 million miles without accident, for which they were given blue rigs. The 59-year old Greeno will have his name and safety recorded painted on the side of his new truck.

The Loveland, Colorado resident has been driving for Wal-Mart for a little over 31 years. In that time his average work day includes driving 500 miles.  He landed the job as long-distance trucker after his brother-in-law talked him into applying, beginning his career based in Iowa and driving from a distribution center in Texas. Now he works from Colorado and says one of his favorite routes is Montana. When the trucker pulled up at the Wal-Mart loading dock in Laurel, Montana, news of his 4 million accident free miles had spread and he was honored with cheers.

The Wal-Mart fleet includes 7,200 drivers. To be considered for hire by Wal-Mart, the minimum requirement is 250,000 miles without an accident of moving violation according to Wal-Mart senior transportation safety director, Rick Foster. By honoring Greeno, the company hopes to highlight the company’s commitment to safety among their drivers.

Once hired, drivers participate in regular safety rollouts and yearly defensive driver training. Wal-Mart trucks come specially equipped with an On-Guard crash-resistance system to help prevent collision, said Ted Baker, general transportation manager of the Plainview Distribution Center.  “If the sensors detect a possible hazard, it will automatically apply braking.”

During an interview before the ceremony, Greeno admitted to some near-collisions, saying he waited for the sound of “bump and crash,” but nothing ever happened. “There was a half-dozen times when the Lord was riding with me,” he said. He only stopped deliberately during a run once and that was due to a bad snow. But, in a serendipitous event, when he stopped a woman whose car was in a ditch, he was able to rescue her from what appeared to be a dire fate. “This girl was blue; it was now or never for her,” said Greeno.

To realize the scale of Greeno’s accomplishment, it is important to realize that the average motorist drives approximately 12,000 miles per year and has about three to four accidents per year. That means it would take about 333 years to reach the 4 million mile mark, and if you could live that long and were the typical American driver, you would have had hundreds of accidents. Greeno did this in a little over 31 years and what about accidents? It’s no wonder Wal-Mart honored this particular trucker; he drove that 4 million miles accident free.

By: Lisa Nance

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