What Would Pope Francis Think About Mariella Frostrup’s Show?


Mariella Frostrup’s Show which she titled Sex Box may certainly be a favourite show to Pope Francis. At face-value one would see that as a contradiction. What would a pope have to do with sex reality show? He got no wife or a girlfriend. He is the head of an organisation that seems like taking pleasure in seeing a world with no sex. Check: imposed celibacy on priests and those in religious lives; against certain forms of sex, homosexuality for one and making sex quite uncomfortable for married people by banning the uses of contraceptives.

However, a deep search into the matter would reveal that there are a lot of things in Mariella Frostrup’s Show that could interest the pontiff.

For one thing, Mariella Frostrup’s Show has the intention of tackling the negative influence of pornographic pictures among the UK citizens. With the advent of the internet, where to get pornographic pictures is no longer a trouble. But this has its own negative consequences on the love life of many people. So channel 4 decided to tackle the issue by introducing Sex Box.

In the Sex Box, couples would be made to have sex in a soundproof booth. The good news is that the programme is not another opportunity to offer the world another pornographic picture. Bear in mind, they are out to fight against it. Since the sex is in a soundproof booth, the experience from it is still private. Mariella Frostrup would later interview them before channel 4 audience where they would openly share their experiences. David Glover, the commissioning editor of channel 4 said this in that regard; Sex Box is ‘rather mischievous, fun idea that actually allows sex to be completely private but the conversation to be truthful and immediate.’ Three couples would be involved in this programme which would be screened by next month.

This point of tackling the impact of pornography is one of the shared interests the programme has which Pope Francis has as a leader of an institution who has been fighting this issue of pornography for long. I can imagine Pope Francis saying after he had heard about this show, ‘God knows how to use any instrument for his glorious work.’ He has many reasons to thank God for this. The church he heads has a lot of issues it is battling with sex. The lots of accusations that had been levelled against priests on the issues of sexual scandal and children molestation were certainly much. Who knows, perhaps the easy accessibility of pornography to anybody, priests inclusive led to this moral sickness. Bet me, he may postpone some of his unnecessary schedule to catch up with this show.

Does this sound too much for the Pope? I think no. Pope Francis brought into Vatican a new perspective of things. For instance after his election, the pope wrote an open letter to Mr. Eugenio Scalfari, he stated categorically that non-believers if they followed their conscience, they would be forgiven by God.

By Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso

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