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Xbox will hit store shelves November 22. Say that again fast times fast! Yes, a week before Black Friday, the anticipated newest Xbox console will be making its way to a retailer near you. Pre-orders sold out faster than expected and speculation remains if consoles will be on delivered on time for Holiday purchasing. The video industry needed a boost to its falling interest. Last year there was a 9 percent decline in video game sales. Of course, this can be blamed on the lack of new devices.

Now for the 2013 late season, both Xbox and Playstation are knocking down gamers’ doors. The Xbox One is entering the arena as the more expensive console for $499 for its 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray player accessibility and the attached Kinect motion sensor. A senor that will no longer remain on the default of always being on, after cries from fans demonstrated a need to make a quick change to the specs.

At the E3 event earlier this year, Microsoft had to deal with announcing to customers about the banishment of sharing/trading games. A feature Playstation was happy to tout, receiving rousing cheers from PS fans and some Xbox stragglers.  Shortly, after the event Microsoft obviously felt the irk from its fans. Don Mattrick, President of Interactive mentioned that Microsoft would reverse this decision and would allow a “freedom to play” games that are pre-owned, shared or sold. In addition, the company eliminated the concept of being connected online for all games. This suddenly drove increased interest for November 22 and a further review of the gaming co-King.

23 titles releasing with Xbox One on Nov. 22
23 titles releasing with Xbox One on Nov. 22

For fans who are now showing a desire to own the console, a review of the specs and features is listed below:

  • 8GB of RAM DDR3 with 32MB sSRAM embedded memory. Nicely added to this bundle was 8GB of Flash Memory.
  • Unlimited Cloud storage.
  • 500GB Hard Drive.
  • Kinect inclusion.
  • Enjoy chat apps like Skype.
  • The CPU performance also received a last minute boost from 1.5GHz to 1.75GHz (nice!)
  • HD Blu-ray player.
  • The HDMI pass-thru is a nice option which prevents the whole aspect of remote hunting. Simply watch television through your Xbox One.
  • The Impulse Triggers drive a kick for a rumble affect when in game play.

Visiting the Xbox site (linked at the end of this article) allows you to reserve a space for the next ordering mania. Gamers can also enjoy reserving a few games directly from the site; Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3. This trio of game selections will join the additional 20 games to be launched on the same day of the console release.

Halo...bringing it!
Halo…bringing it!

With the drop in price for the Wii, PS4 and Xbox One on the horizon- it’s predicted a much needed kick will be given to the gaming industry. Below is a clipped video of the E3 presentation of the Xbox One. For years, Xbox and PS has conquered their fans, dubbed as fanboys/fangirls. To maintain their dedicated fan base to break down doors Novemver 22, Microsoft knew they had to slam the restrictions. They are now knocked out and Xbox is looking forward to the console making an impact. Further, the company is boasting the yet to be announced release date of Halo, a stunning brief mention of the game is listed in the video as well. Have you reserved your Xbox One, or will you be one the hundreds standing outside your local retailer on November 22?


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