7 Amazing Facts about the Human Body

Human Body

The bodies of human beings are more magnificent and extraordinary than can possibly be imagined. So listed below are seven amazing facts about the human body and how truly awesome all individuals really are inside.

1. The human brain works on approximately the equal amount of power as a ten watt light bulb. The human brain uses about 200 kilocalories per day, which is equal to being around ten watts of power. That means that it would take around ten percent of power from a light bulb to run a brain. So the picture of a light bulb going off over someone’s head when a good idea happens is kind of the truth. A human brain also gives off this much energy when in the sleeping state.

2. Every seven years the human body totally replaces itself. 25,000,000 of human body cells died during the writing and also the reading of this sentence but that is all right. The human body has already made over 300 billion new ones today. Cells which make up the body are dying and being replaced all the time. It occurs so much that around every seven years every person has almost an entirely new body of cells. This is true for the majority of cells but some of the most vital ones in the body such as the brain, heart, or bones do not regenerate at all.

3. Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain as fast as 250 miles per hour. The human body’s nerve impulses vary greatly but the quickest move around 250 mph. Race cars go about this fast on the track. Yet when the body needs this kind of speed, it burns up quite a bit of energy. Therefore, these impulses can only be found in neurons which have to send information immediately, such as if part of the body was getting burnt.

4. There are more cells in the human body than there are stars in the galaxy. The human body contains about 75 trillion cells. Each of these cells has thousands of various types of multifaceted molecules interrelating with one other. There are 400 billion stars in the Earth’s galaxy to put it in prospective.

5. Each adult human body has around 100,000 miles of blood vessels. An adult human has nearly 100,000 miles of blood vessels which means those vessels could go around the edge of Earth more than four times.

6. The human mind controls the cells in the human body. The human mind is a great mechanism and it controls each role inside the human body. This means that humans have the power to control their minds if they choose. Having optimistic thoughts can lead to more positive ideas and cause an even broader view of everything around us to be more affirmative. Content thoughts can build up the human immune system while adverse thoughts can bring it down.

7. The human body is made of stardust. Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon atoms in the human body, as well as other heavy elements, were created in former generations of stars over 4 billion years ago. So anytime a person goes out to look at the stars, remember, everything is made of star dust.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble
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