Affordable Care Act Not So Affordable

Obamacare Costing More Than It's Worth?

Affordable Care Act Not So Affordable
While certain members of the government continue to push the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare,” what was once meant to help citizens is now beginning to harm them as everyone is finding out that the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable.

Whether we blame the issues on the republicans, the democrats, the congress, or the President, to many at the end of the day the blame does not seem to matter any longer. The focus now is the question of whether “Obamacare” is going to last long. With the results already seen by many citizens in the nation, the Affordable Care Act is so unaffordable that the results are receiving major outrage.

In the year 2009 the Affordable Care Act was introduced to the United states as a universal healthcare plan meant to ensure that all Americans could afford to buy healthcare based on their income. The President promised several times that the Affordable Care Act would be a godsend that would save families $2500 per year and allow those with healthcare coverage to keep their existing plans. But not only is the Affordable Care Act not so affordable, it is actually proving to be just the opposite.

As we enter yet another day of the government shutdown with parties not being able to agree on a budget it has certainly been clear that the “Obamacare” program has been cause for monetary concern. The recent media on “Obamacare” has covered everything from the $640 million spent on the dysfunctional website, in which citizens were suppose to be able to sign up for the universal healthcare, but have been unable to due to errors, to the costs that families are actually going to pay in order to have the Affordable Care Act healthcare plan.

While certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act can be fixed as time moves on (the website, the government shut down, etc.) one aspect of it can not be overlooked. That is the fact that the Affordable Care Act is not affordable for nearly every family.

In the last two weeks families across the nation are receiving apology letters from their healthcare plan providers stating that they will no longer be able to keep their healthcare plan and that they must enroll in “Obamacare,” debunking the lie that stated that families could keep their current healthcare plan.

Then as many citizens begin to sign up for the Affordable Care Act they were surprised to find out that not only would the Affordable Care Act not be affordable but for many, even those without pre-existing conditions, would end up paying hundreds more per month to receive healthcare because they were required to have coverage for everything from maternity to preventative healthcare.

One couple told Fox News that they were going to have to pay over $1000 per month just to have healthcare for the two of them (because they are required to have maternity, even though she is older than child-bearing age and because they are required to have childcare, even though their kids are grown and out of the house). They stated that they also own a small business and because of “Obamacare” were having to cut the hours of their employees in order to not be required to offer them healthcare benefits, due to the rising costs.

Another family, a single mom of one son, attempted to sign up for the Affordable Care Act only to find that for her to get coverage on her and her son it would cost her $535 per month.  Due to the fact that this single mom only currently works a minimum wage job she is making $1000 per month after taxes, leaving her less than $500 to pay the bills, an impossibility for anyone to do.

Families everywhere are finding out that the Affordable Care Act is not going to be affordable for them. But, unfortunately with the government’s enforcement of “Obamacare,” if a citizen does not get coverage for themselves and their family members that they will be fined up to 1% of their income the first year and an additional 1% each year that the family continues to not receive coverage through the unaffordable Affordable Care Act.

As if spending $640 million of the taxpayers money for a website that does not work and jacking up healthcare prices by the thousands were not enough, the government also enforces a fine. What will they think of next?

A universal healthcare plan may be the answer to solving American’s many debt dollars for medical expenses, but forcing families to have coverage for thousands of dollars per month is not proving to be the answer. If the government really expects the Affordable Care Act to be successful and help the nation perhaps they should show that they care and make it a little more affordable for families, that way the Affordable Care Act can actually live up to its name.

An Editorial by Crystal Boulware

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