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It is finally here! Apple will be announcing a few surprises and many are expecting the unveiling of the super thin, super fast iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. The release date of the devices will also be announced today at a scheduled event and there is even greater news! Apple will be setting up a live stream for customers to watch the event live. There is one downfall – if a consumer does not own an Apple device, they are out of luck for watching the event. Be sure to connect with a friend or relative who may have Safari, Apple TV or any iOS enabled i-device.

Excitement has been brimming in and around San Franciso as activity begins to increase. The announcement will take place at 1 p.m. eastern time and 10 a.m. for the pacific coast. There has been speculation amassing for the past few months leading to the event. The specs of the iPad is changing and becoming a more tech-heavy device for consumer choice.

The Apple iPad 5 is just one of the very exciting items on the event agenda today. The iPad mini 2, a rumored new MacBook line and an updated version of the Apple TV device is slated to be announced as well, sources state. The release date for each of these devices will also be shared with the viewing public. Tim Cook is opening an invitation for consumers to watch the special live, a connection not afforded to the millions of dedicated fans for the iPhone 5S/5C release.

Speculation remains on the thickness and edges for the iPads
Speculation remains on the thickness and edges for the iPads

Specs have been rumored for a few months on the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. Just to break down a final review of suggested specs received today:

  • The Apple iPad 5 will be much slimmer with rounded edges, some tech rumors suggest it will only weigh 500 grams and have a thickness of 7.5mm.
  • Colors from Space Gray, Silver and Gold may appear for selections on the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. Many are seeing a more cohesive branding of the color models from Apple. Some  unnamed sources have disputed this and stated the common colors of iPad will remain.
  • Rumors remain conflicting when it comes to the iPad mini 2 and the feature of the TouchID. Speculation remains it may appear on the iPad mini 2, but not the iPad 5.
  • It is expected Apple will boost the display resolution on the iPad mini 2 and finally bring Retina to the smaller tablet.
  • What is expected are enhanced processors for both devices. The iPad mini 2 will reportedly tout the 64-bit, A7 processor that received high marks for the iPhone 5S. The Apple iPad 5 will sport an enhanced 64-bit, A7X chip. Expect the possibility of the M7 co-processor to also make an appearance in both devices.
  • The rear facing camera will boast 8-megapixels and it is rumored the aperture for the camera will be increased much like the iPhone 5S.
  • Storage should remain as branded for the iPad 4. The 128GB storage option will be expected for both devices.
  • Many are speculating there will be teases on the big screen previewing a possible introduction for iWatch. Tune into the event  to find out!
Conflict remains on a TouchID for the iPads
Conflict remains on a TouchID for the iPads

If these devices are announced and released prior to the Holiday season, maybe Apple will not face the fall in the market as it did with the iPhone 5S/5C release. Apple has always received an influx of financial help from the iPad line and it is expected the newest devices will not disappoint. The iPad 4 was a very good boost for Apple, marking over $30 billion in revenue from its release. Consumers are excited at the prospect of the devices and its expected this could be a very good final quarter for Apple.

It is finally here! After months of speculation, rumors and teases- Apple is finally holding their second, anticipated event of the year. The  Apple iPad 5, iPad mini 2, MacBook line and Apple TV are all slated to boost Holiday sales for Apple. The release dates for each of the suggested devices will also be discussed today from Apple and Cook. Check out the link at the end of this article to favorite – it will lead anxious watchers to Apple’s site to await the live event.


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