Bob Barker Marks 90th Birthday on ‘Price Is Right’ Special Showcase

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Bob Barker, the much loved, charismatic former host of the Price Is Right is returning to daytime television to celebrate his 90th birthday. The lovable, Guinness Book of World Records winner is coming back to host a special showcase. During the week of December 9, CBS will also air programs for the biggest love of Barker’s life; animal rescue and adoptions.

Bob Barker Marks 90th Birthday on 'Price Is Right' Special ShowcaseWorld War II to Center Stage

Barker was trained in the early 1940s in the US Navy and remained in active duty for several years. Luckily for the young soldier, WW II ended before he was assigned to seagoing duty. Barker returned to college and eventually landed a job in Florida as a radio host. His talent wowed management and the smooth talker received his first titled radio show in California – The Bob Barker Show. It was in 1972 Barker made his way to center stage to appear as the host of the Price Is Right. The show aired with Barker giving away over $200 million in prizes and his inherited phrase “Come on Down!” for 35 years. In 2007 Barker retired from the show and looked forward to dedicate his life to animal abuse and pet adoptions.

Now Barker is slated to make a special return to his former gaming stomping grounds. The show will be pre-taped in early November for a December 12 showing. The Price Is Right is the longest running game show in history. It was Barker at the driver’s seat that earned the show and Barker accolades with the Guinness Book of World Records. Barker was named television’s “Most Durable Performer,” hosting over 3,500 shows. The star host also has a glimmering shelf of awards; 16 Emmys and 14 Lifetime Achievement Award trophies.

 Scandals & Activism

In a world of glitz and glamour, Barker felt the heat of legal issues when Dian Parkinson sued Barker for sexual harassment. Barker refuted the claim, advising he and Parkinson participated in consensual, intimate relationship. At a later date, Parkinson dropped the charges but many close to Barker explained his humiliation at such a public ordeal.

Bob Barker Marks 90th Birthday on 'Price Is Right' Special ShowcaseLater in 2001 two employees filed a suit against Barker and the production company for wrongful termination. The employees in 2005 received a settlement. A pattern that followed with additional employees who worked on the show from the mid-90s until early 2000s. Upon the final settlement, the show returned back to normal activities.

Worth over $70 million dollars from his long and enriched career as radio host, part-time actor and full time daytime host – Barker was looking forward to retiring and working with animals. Barker has been generous with his funds, donating several million to organizations like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Drury University and additional colleges to establish animal law programs.

Barker was married to Dorothy Jo Gideon, until her death in 1981. His vegetarian, animal loving wife made an impact on Barker. He dedicated the DJ&T Foundation in honor of his wife. The Foundation remain active today in Beverly Hills; the organization provides free and low-cost animal services for pet owners.

During the week of December 9 through the 13, CBS will air a weeklong tribute to Barker and his many sponsored charities. Pet adoptions will rule the network, as Barker helps to establish pet with person. The pre-taped one day appearance back on the Price Is Right will air December 12, the day Barker will turn 90-years-old.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob Barker returns to the Price Is Right to mark his 90th birthday with a one day special showcase appearance. A week of dedication will be named in honor of Barker and his path of philanthropy. With a life paved with successes, shadows of secrets and a wealth of awards, Barker scores a legacy unmatched in game show television. Tune into CBS starting the week of December 9 to catch up with Barker and adopt a pet.


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