Brooke Greenberg Woman Who Never Aged Has Died at 20

Woman who never aged dies at age 20

The young woman who never aged has died at age 20. Brooke Greenberg, who lived in Reisterstown, MD, looked, acted, and completely behaved like a toddler until she drew her very last breath.

Brooke was in due course diagnosed with “Syndrome X” by her personal physician. Syndrome X is an unexplained and unidentifiable rare disease that is only known to affect about six individuals in the entire world. It describes an ailment in which people do not physically or mentally age from the time of very early childhood.

While the rest of the world might have noticed Brooke’s physical size and been perplexed by her unique development state, she did nothing but bring happiness, love, and joy to her family, stated Andrew Busch who was the rabbi that gave the eulogy at the young woman’s funeral on Monday. He also said that her parents, sisters and all her extended family poured love on her and always appreciated her dignity all through her entire life.

Brooke and her family had appeared on Katie Couric’s talk show in the United States back in January of this year.

They explained that the young woman was unable to speak at all, still had her baby teeth and always had to be pushed around in some sort of chair. She seemed to have the projected mental age of about nine months up to one year. Her cause of death has not been released to the public.

From the time she was one year of age until the time she turned four, Brooke grew somewhat. She did get a little bigger. But at the ages of four to five, that is when the growing stopped, her father explained to Couric.

Brooke was born a month premature weighing only four pounds, and she required surgery for an anterior hip displacement. But it was not until her younger sister began to age past her that her parents noticed something was very wrong.

They began taking her to professional after professional but there was no one who was able to diagnose what her condition was.

Dr. Eric Schadt, who is the director for Genomics and Multi scale Biology at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, stated that Brooke did not have any known deformities in her endocrine system, no chromosomal deviations, or any of the many other types of troubles that are known to happen in humans which are able to cause developing and growing problems.

Scientists began to take interest in her and reportedly studied Brooke’s DNA with the hope that they might to learn something about how humans aged and prolonging youth. Their tests allegedly showed that Brooke might have suffered from a gene transmutation that had turned off her capability to get any older.

The young woman’s parents purchased a casket and special clothing for a funeral after they were told many times that Brooke was about ready to pass away.

In 2005, Brooke’s mother, Melanie Greenberg told the media that the older Brooke got; the more unreal everything seemed to get in her life. Sadly reality has now set in because the young woman who never aged could not escape death and has died at age 20.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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