Budget Bill Continues to Reap Havoc

Budget Bill Continues to Reap HavocFThe appropriation process in Congress has become so contentious, that at midnight Oct. 1, the federal government furloughed workers and partially closed many programs. There were many elements which produced a kind of gridlock, because the Congress couldn’t pass a single spending bill.

The Republicans and the Democrats have become extremely influenced by party members, who have a clear ideological agenda. Because of this fact, it becomes very hard for both sides to compromise. Common ground is a lot harder for both parties to find, because of Obamacare being defined as a moral concern. Previously many members of Congress would give in to get along, but this time the normal does not prevail.President Obama has never proved adept at dealing with Congress. Although he did serve for four years in congress, whatever his other skills are, dealing with Congress is not one of them.

The conservative Republican’s mission is to defeat Obamacare. Although the present bill, which is at issue doesn’t deal directly with Obamacare, it happens to be the battleground for the moment. The republicans feel they have a moral, ideological, and constitutional mission to use this time to achieve their goal.
The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is under attack by a small group of the Republican caucus. If he brings a bill to the floor they can’t support, crossing this group, he sees his job being on the line.

The American people have never seen a Congress more split, both sides are saying they don’t want the government shut down. But while they are saying this, the Republicans are determined to destroy Obamacare and the Democrats are determined to preserve it.
The Republicans are doing everything possible to stop the Affordable Health Care Act, while the Democrats are not wanting to appear to cave in to the demands of the Republicans. If the issue of Obamacare was not in the mix, it is clear that a compromise on spending could have been worked out.
No matter what the outcome of the shutdown is, there will be consequences. The country sees the Republican Party being held captive by a small ideological group, thus putting some of their seats in danger. The country is blaming the President and the Democratic Party for the economic consequences and the disarray which will be the consequences from a long-scale shutdown.

The outcome of the government shutdown can affect both parties. Assuming the budget is passed and does not de-fund or delay Obamacare, the Republicans who supported the bill will risk alienation from their supporters. If the bill is passed as it is, then the Democrats would likewise risk alienating part of their supporters.
There is no way in this situation, for both parties to win. The American people though are the ones that are being effected by the shutdown at this time. Both sides are in a standoff, and are apparently entrenched.

Obama said there are enough Republicans willing to vote to pass a spending bill immediately, which would stop the government shutdown. The Speaker of the House John Boehner, is refusing to allow this vote. Obama warned that although as painful as a government shutdown is, a default caused by a failure to raise the debt limit would be dramatically worse for the economy as a whole.

Written By: Linda Lafferty

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