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Caesarean Section Healed Through Kundalini Yoga

Caesarean Section Healed through Kundalini yoga
According to national statistics, one in every three moms gave birth by Caesarean section last year, that’s roughly 32 percent up from 4.5 percent back in 1965.  More and more women are not delivering vaginally and the reasons are as varied as the births.  Many blame the high level of intervention in hospital birth settings for the rise in C-sections and others note that doctor “ease” and mother preference has increased the Caesarean rate to unreasonable numbers.  Whether you are a mom who had an emergency Caesarean section or simply opted for one (for whatever reason), there are often unhealed scars of the mind, emotions and body which can be addressed and released through the practice of Kundalini yoga.

There is a certain empowerment that comes with birthing vaginally.  If you have never had the experience, it cannot be explained.  It is as though nature devised a way for mothers to be prepared for motherhood and children to ready themselves for the challenges of life through the practice of birthing.  When a child is “taken” from the womb, rather than leaving “normally,” something is often missing in the psyche of both.  Luckily, when a mother addresses the issues of the way she birthed and heals whatever needs healing, the child – who is so intimately connected to the mother – is offered healing as well.

One of the most empowering notions of Caesarean births I have ever heard, relates the experience to the yogic knowledge of Kundalini yoga.  This type of energetic yoga names power centers in the body which reside along the spinal cord and are related to various states of awareness as well as qualities a person can cultivate.  These centers are known as chakras, which means “vortex” or “to whirl” and the root, where a woman normally births from, corresponds to basic needs, survival and security.  Often a child who is not birthed through the mother’s root center, lacks feelings of security and support and tends to be more clingy than their vaginally birthed friends.

The navel center, however, from which a mother births by Caesarean, is a very powerful creative center.  It is the chakra known as Manipura which translates as “city of jewels.”  This golden center corresponds to personal empowerment, creativity, motivation and self-confidence.  It is said that once an individual is able to bring energy into the navel center, rising above the root and sacral centers, that their awareness will no longer need drop into these “base needs” as they are called.  Usually, for most people, the process of raising their Kundalini, or vital life force essence, above the first two centers is filled with much chaos or “unburdening” of negative patterns, beliefs and generational blocks.  (You can read more about Kundalini yoga in a recent article entitled The Deep Impact of the Science of Kundalini Yoga).

In light of the qualities represented by the navel center, one might see how navel birthing can be an empowerment of a different sort.  Hindu deities were said to have birthed their children straight from the navel.  This points to the elevated state which a mother could be in, in order to birth in such a way.

Another healing tactic to use for those who have birthed  through the navel is to breathe in and imagine exhaling through the navel, pushing any stagnant energy blocks through this vital center.  Keep doing this repeatedly until you feel a flow of what feels like energy through the navel.  Reverse the breath to bring the inhale in through the belly button and imagine filling the entire belly with golden light on the exhale.  Continue in this way until you feel light and bright on the inside.

It is important to remember that though a vaginal birth is considered normal and natural, and perhaps the way nature designed birthing, the fact that navel births do occur in a large majority of women requires us to expand the notion of “normal birth” and not beat ourselves up for participating if this happened to us.  Caesarean sections can be healed both emotionally and physically through Kundalini yoga.  A mother who has birthed through the navel can find empowerment through this act and claim the same transformation made possible to a woman through a vaginal birth.   The truth is, a birth is a birth.  The most important thing is surrendering to the way your birthing process went and healing any negative emotions you might be harboring about your experience if it “didn’t go your way.”  Start seeing yourself renewed and empowered and know that the way you birthed was perfect for you and your little one – because it happened.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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