Charlie Hunnam May be Joined by Dakota Johnson as Filmmakers Scramble

Charlie Hunnam May be Joined by Dakota Johnson as Filmmakers Scramble

Female fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are mourning the news that E L James’ favorite choice to play Christian Grey will not be Robert Pattinson now that Charlie Hunnam has stepped down. And now it looks like Dakota Johnson may join her ex co-star as the filmmakers scramble to find a replacement for their Sons of Anarchy casting choice.

When the news came out that the erotic bestseller was being made into a film, fan’s imaginations ran wild. Every woman who had read the books had their own idea of just who would make the perfect Christian Grey. The fanatical fans did not react well to the news that Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim actor Charlie Hunnam was set to play the rich S & M lover of Anna Steele.

The casting of Dakota did not create the same sort of malestrom that Hunnam’s did. And at least one person was ecstatic about the news, Dakota’s mother Melanie Griffith. Melanie got onto Twitter to tweet her excitement that her oldest daughter would be playing Anastasia Steele, the sexual submissive to Grey’s dominator.

But just as Hunnam felt pressured to exit from the film because of the intense media pressure and the critical scrutiny of the books fans, it looks as though Johnson is feeling the same sort of pressure. A source revealed that from day one of the news, Dakota has been under the same scrutiny and that the hype surrounding her being cast in the film is getting the actress down.

It seems that Hunnam did not want to do the film after realising that it would catapult his career in a direction that he was not comfortable with. A source close to the 33 year-old actor revealed that Charlie did not want to be that famous. Or possibly, the actor does not want to be famous for that sort of “soft porn” role.

Charlie Hunnam may have company in his departure from the film if Dakota Johnson joins him in his exit. Filmmakers will be scrambling even more if they have to replace both their leads. The search for a new Christian Grey will be harder if they also need to find a new Anastasia Steele.

Hunnam does a very good job in Sons of Anarchy and his brief foray into blockbuster film territory via Pacific Rim, was a nice start to him transitioning to the big screen. It seems that Charlie has a plan of just how he wants his career to progress. The idea of his being the sex symbol for thousands, or more, women does not appeal to the actor, according to close friends.

Dakota Johnson, the 24 year-old daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, is in the early stages of her career. While being cast in the role of the college student who gets wrapped up in a rich man’s sordid S & M world could be seen as a career maker, it looks as though the media coverage is giving her second thoughts as well.

Not long after Hunnam’s co-announcement with the filmmakers about his conflicting schedule and the resultant decision to step down from the role, whispers were being heard about Johnson’s unease at accepting her role. Dakota has only recently been co-starring in the Fox show Ben and Kate. Before that she had a small role in the film The Social Network.

Sources close to Johnson have revealed that the young actress is having a difficult time dealing with all the added attention from the press. She went from being almost unknown to an actress that apparently lots of people “want a piece of.”

Charlie Hunnam may be joined by Dakota Johnson if she continues to find that the added attention from the media unsettles her. Filmmakers will have to scramble to find at least one replacement for Hunnam, but if Johnson departs as well, it will be back to the drawing board for both starring roles. It isn’t surprising that Dakota would have issues. Hunnam certainly did and his resume is much fuller than his younger former co-star’s. Meanwhile the search continues for a new Christian Grey.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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