Charlie Hunnam All about the Money

Charlie Hunnam the Truth Comes out.
After the surprise announcement that Charlie Hunnam and the studios co-released stating the the Sons of Anarchy actor would not be playing Christian Grey after all, Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been wondering why the change of heart. The official reason was that the shooting schedule of Sons of Anarchy was going to conflict with the shooting schedule of the S&M romance film. But now, the real truth seems to be coming out and it’s apparently all about the money.

Sources close to the 33 year-old actor said that the real reason was that playing the role of Christian Grey would send Charlie’s career in a direction he did not want. Rumor had it that the idea of instant fame based upon his playing in what will be essentially soft porn, put the actor off. But is this really true?

Not likely says eonline. Sources close to the film’s producers related how seriously Hunnam was taking his casting. The actor is also a writer, he wrote the screenplay Vlad for Brad Pitt, and he took the time to do a little revising for his role as Christian. These changes were welcomed by the creative team until Hunnam made a few too many. This caused a wee bit of friction between the Pacific Rim actor and the Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

This information still isn’t the supposed “real” reason that Hunnam checked out of the upcoming Universal Studios production. The truth comes out in a more revealing and plausible explanation that eukonline published today. It seems that it is all about the money, as well as the creative limitations that had been suddenly imposed on the actor.

It turns out that Hunnam was only going to be paid $125,000 for his portrayal of Christian Grey. While that could be seen as a fair payout for being in what might be the film of the year, it also isn’t a lot for an actor who is in a hit television show. Not to mention being in a blockbuster film like Pacific Rim. It is hard to track down just how much Charlie gets paid for his services as an actor, but according to the actor is worth a cool $8 million.

In terms of pay, if you have a networth that sits in the millions, a salary that low isn’t going to make the actor salivate. Also, if the film does badly, which there is every chance that it can, the recompense of being in an eagerly awaited “fan film” will be nil. Which may just be what Dakota Johnson is thinking right now. At least the bottom line with Charlie Hunnam seems to be more about the money than the success or possible failure of the film.

Hollywood, and the working denizens of same, all know that hotly anticipated films by fans of a favorite book or comic or graphic novel, can die spectacularly at the box office. Casting mistakes alone can cost the studios millions in terms of disgruntled fans refusing to watch what they consider sacrilege on screen. This lesson will not be lost on Johnson with her Hollywood background.

Rumors are increasing that the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson is thinking seriously of walking off the film before it starts. Like Charlie Hunnam, Dakota appears to be having some deep second thoughts. Of course that could be down to the fact that she did not mind getting “tied up” with Hunnam, but isn’t too keen on anyone else acting out kinky sexual fantasies on screen with her.

E! News had already reported that the lesser known actress was having issues with all the pressures of the media hounding her after being cast as Anastasia Steele. Despite Dakota’s mother Melanie being very excited for her offsprings casting, the actress was not thrilled with all the added attention.

It would seem that even more attention has been focused on the 24 year-old actress now that her co-star has departed the production. The original excuse that Charlie gave of conflicting schedules has been pretty much shot down by sources who say that no such conflict exists.

With the truth coming out that Charlie Hunnam was not happy with his sudden loss of creativity combined with the meagre salary it appears to be all about the money and perhaps Johnson sees a similar problem in the immediate future for her. If someone with a heavier resume can be shut down creatively, what chance does an actress with less credits stand? She could wind up losing more than her clothing on screen, her credibility as an actor could also be damaged. Dakota also cannot be making much in the way of monetary recompense either. So while producers scramble for a replacement for Hunnam, they may end up finding one for Dakota Johnson as well. Watch this space.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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