Childbirth Does Not Lessen Sexual Activity


Childbirth has nothing to do with sexual dysfunction or lessening sexual desires. US San Francisco researchers led a new study to oust out deep-rooted conception of childbirth and sexual activity. Prior researchers have always blamed childbirth as contributor of less sex. They even claimed childbirth not only reduces sexual desires in women but in men also. People tend to shirk away from it as the child starts to grow. The new study says, childbirth hardly does anything to decrease sexual activity.

Childbirth Does Not Lessen Sexual Activity


The researchers have observed a few women for two years after their childbirth. They also collected data on their physical status, partner status, health status, job status and social surroundings. They’ve seen sex life has nothing to do with normal childbirth or anything else. Childbirth doesn’t decrease monthly sexual activity or sexual desire. Even number of children can’t show effect on this. The research data has been developed by the scientists on took more than one thousand participants from diverse race and society.

“These facts provide reassuring evidence for women, who have had or are planning to have children, that neither the total number of deliveries nor type of delivery is likely to have a substantial long-term detrimental effect on their sexual function,” said senior author Alison Huang, MD, MAS, assistant professor of medicine, UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine. In his words, “Instead, discussions between women and their doctors should be focused on other health and contextual factors that may influence sexual activity later in life.”

To prove their point that ‘Childbirth Does Not Lessen sexual Activity’, the researchers analyzed the data found through the participants. The noted everything from their age, to social status to type of previous deliveries including oxytocin, forceps, vacuum infused vaginal to anesthetic etc. They noted down every little fact of partcipant’s pregnancy. According to them,

  • Increased age was a predictor of both reduced sexual desire and less monthly sexual activity;
  • American, African and Asian women were significantly likely to report less than monthly sexual activity than white participants;
  • Women who lacked a sexual partner were significantly more likely to report low desire, less than monthly sexual activity or less satisfaction;
  • Compared to participants who reported excellent or very good overall health, participants who reported good, fair, or poor overall health were also more likely to report low desire, less than monthly sexual activity, or low satisfaction.

With this research article scientists have tried to demolish the age of notion on childbirth and sex. People tens to victimize childbirth for low sexual activity that often leads to divorce. It was also said earlier than women with history of vaginal delivery are more likely to defy sex. The Reproductive department of North Carolina University helped researchers to come in new conclusion. Seemingly, this year is going to be great for childbirth facts. One day ago Bishop from cathedral supported the process of forced childbirth and now researchers tear of its relation with sexual activity. It’s probably a great fact for newly wed couples and new parents. They should mentally be free from all taboos and depressions related to childbirth.

So, scientists are ready to oust out age old proverb. Childbirth does not lessen sexual activity. No matter how strange it seems, still it’s true. This research may open new doors to reproductive science.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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