Chris Hemsworth His Brothers in Arms and Arts

Chris Hemsworth His Brothers in Arms and Arts
Chris Hemsworth has said that he and his brothers are very competitive. He admits that he likes to win, especially over brother Liam and that Luke, the eldest, is the one who ensures balance and controls the tension. All three siblings are in the entertainment business as actors so their familial battles to win make them brothers in arms and the arts.

The 30 year-old Thor actor has been promoting his latest “Marvel” film Thor: The Dark World. His revelation came during a press conference on October 20. He pointed out that just like most families, he and his fellow acting siblings are competitive in everything. Chris says that from sports to gaining control of the television remote control, there is that struggle to win.

The brothers are your atypical family; Luke, the oldest at 31 works primarily in the family’s native Australia; Liam, is the baby of the trio at age 23 who is a huge presence in the Hunger Games saga. The brothers do not, according to Chris, compete very much in the area of their work. He says, “not so much” in the area of acting, just everything else.

Apart from the professional side of their relationship, Hemsworth reportedly said that they have the traditional type of relationship where they would fight to the death for the brother that has just annoyed the hell out of them. Chris says that he’d do anything for his brothers, but that the simplest thing that they do can “annoy you.”

In terms of work, the brothers all support one another in the areas of auditions and lend a helping hand with scripts that the others are working on. He says that none of them are in direct competition as a rule so they operate more like a team regarding acting. Chris Hemsworth definitely has two brothers in arms and in the arts.

The brothers also support each other outside of the entertainment industry. Earlier in the year, when youngest brother Liam was floundering in his relationship with the controversial Miley Cyrus; both Chris and Luke stepped in to have a couple of “intervention” talks with their baby brother. Not much has been publicised about what the brothers actually said to Liam, but one can assume it was supportive in nature. These three Australian siblings do more than just compete with each other.

Chris has said that in terms of work, they are a team and they support each other’s career on top of being there for the more personal issues.

In Hemsworth’s latest outing as the demigod Thor he is joined by the actor Tim Hiddleston as brother Loki in Thor: The Dark World. The two men have always had a convincing brother act in both their previous incarnations as the battling brothers. Chris revealed that he and his real-life brothers cannot get into a car together without it turning into a fight. That competitive streak that he has been talking about.

In a scene from The Dark World, the two “brothers” were discussing a spaceship scene where they both agreed it needed to look like siblings arguing in the backseat of a car. In the Thor verse, Loki and Thor are on different sides of the fence. Thor is the acknowledged hero and Loki is the villain, but, the two put their differences aside and fight a common enemy together.

The two men interact brilliantly in the scene, recreating the sense of two squabbling kids in the backseat of a car screaming “he’s touching me!” The two men get on so well, that Tom Hiddleston says that Chris is his brother “from another mother.” Perhaps one reason the two get the brother dynamic so well, is that Tom has been with Chris when all three brothers are in a car together. Hiddleston says that the two that bicker the most are Liam and Chris and that Luke, as the eldest, just “knocks their heads together” saying shut up!

You can see Chris Hemsworth with his onscreen brother Tom Hiddleston and love interest Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World starting November 8. You can be sure that his brothers in arms and arts will be showing their support.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom