David Beckham His Surreal Life Just Got Real Again

David Beckham His Surreal Life Just Got Real Again

David Beckham His Surreal Life Just Got Real Again

Somewhat ironically, on the weekend where David Beckham spoke to the British publication The Times Magazine about how surreal his life was, things just got real again for the famous soccer player. He had an accident right outside the front of his house in Los Angeles, California. He and his 14 year-old son Brooklyn were in the car at the time of the accident.

There were no injuries at the incident and the whole thing was quite low key. A lot like Beckham himself. In spite of the fact that he is one of the most famous men in the world, his face has launched a lot of products. This attention has not gone to the professional athlete’s head and it appears that ego is not in his vocabulary.

The English soccer player, with his equally famous former Spice Girl wife Victoria Beckham, only retired from the world of international soccer some six months previously. He took time to speak to the English magazine about his family and how strange it was to be one of the most recognisable sportsmen in the world.

In any other job, 38 would be considered way too young an age to retire. However, in the fast paced game of soccer, referred to as football or “footie” in the United Kingdom and most of Europe, Beckham has actually played longer than the average professional soccer player.

In his interview with the magazine, David said that he is enjoying his prolonged presence at home with his family. He has taken to the role of family cook with all the enthusiasm that he exhibited in his long career in the soccer world. Beckham hints that he is making up for lost time. In a sport that had him trotting the globe, he wants to make up that “lost time” by doing “everything” possible for his family.

His aptitude in the kitchen comes from the same discipline and awareness of the need for good training as when he was playing professionally. The former England team captain attended a professional cooking course when he played for Milan. The course was six months long and he is putting his training to good use, although apparently, he is a bit obsessive about his risotto.

For those who are interested, David Beckham is telling the further chapters of his autobiography to English newspaper The Times in their weekend magazine via a serialized format. The first segment appeared on Saturday Oct. 26. David already published his autobiography in 2004, it was titled David Beckham: My Side: My Side. He is now bringing his fans up-to-date.

David Beckham’s surreal life, has gotten real again and apart from his new focus on his family, he is sharing the details of his life since the 2004 book was published.

According to the recently retired professional athlete, he will be spending his time now ferrying his youngsters to and from school while Victoria concentrates on her fashion line. It could have been a “school run” that resulted in Beckham’s latest car accident. Sources have said that David must have hit the other car as he pulled out of his driveway.

Beckham’s Range Rover hit a woman’s Acura, but, there was very little damage and he calmly waited for the police to arrive. According to sources, he picked up the pieces of the two cars that were laying in the street until law enforcement officials attended the accident scene.

The famous sportsman may be one of the best players on the soccer field, but his driving capabilities seem to be a little lacking. This is actually Beckham’s second accident over the last couple of years. It is also the second time that Brooklyn has been in the car during the crash. In 2011, the two were in David’s Cadillac Escalade, when they were caught in a highway pile up. Neither of the two were injured in the previous accident. To be fair to Beckham, though, the first accident was not his fault.

Despite David being in a position where people want to get autographs from him or take his picture when he is in public, he is very laid back about the experience. Beckham says that he would never complain as he considers it a “privilege” to be famous. He also says that despite the surreal nature of his life, he sees being able to take a stand on issues another privilege.

David Beckham is perhaps the best known soccer player in the world. That does not mean that his peers in the game put him on a pedestal. Sir Alex Ferguson, David’s former manager, claimed in his autobiography that Beckham lost focus on the sport when he met his wife Victoria. Ferguson said that Beckham took his “eyes off football [soccer].”

His alleged lack of focus did not keep Beckham from being idolized by fans of all ages, nor did it result in the loss of any advertising deals. Now that his “jet-setting” is over, David Beckham’s retirement has given him time to appreciate his family. Besides getting to spend more quality time with them and slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen, Beckham can be seen riding his motorcycle which was custom made for him.

Luckily for Beckham, he was in his Range Rover and not on his motorbike when the accident occurred on Friday. His bumping into another car brought his surreal life back down to earth and he proved that he could adroitly handle the real version of his life after being in an accident again. The good news is that neither he nor Brooklyn were hurt and neither was the woman driving the other car.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom