Deer Camp Murders in Oregon

Deer Camp Murders

Police are reporting that one of the men murdered in a deer camp in northeastern Oregon was the possible foster father of the boy, age 14, who has been identified as the suspected killer.

The victims were identified as a 43-year-old man, possibly believed to be the foster father of the shooter, and a 64-year-old man, both of Baker City, OR. The names of all were being withheld by the authorities at this time. The boy also lives in the same town.

The trip turned horror-filled when the boy shot the two men at the cabin in the camp where the group was staying, authorities said. The boy then, by accident, shot and injured himself after he tried to get away from the scene.

There are numerous unanswered questions all around the shootings, which took place in a remote area located in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.

Authorities would not comment on if they believe the shooting, of the two men, was intentionally done or was an accident. They also would not say if the shootings happened inside or outside the cabin.

They were sent to the isolated location around 1 a.m. Thursday and found the bloody crime scene. There they discovered the teenager taped to a chair, the Grant County sheriff described in a statement. He had been put there by an uninjured member of the camping party. The adolescent had tried to leave the scene after the shooting, but then, seemingly by accident, shot himself in his own leg and was forced to come back to the cabin to get help, the sheriff explained. One other group members kept the teenager at gunpoint and forced him to get down on the floor. He was then taped to the chair. The man who did this then took off, driving about nine miles to the small town of Granite, Oregon, where he reported the shooting to police. They quickly acted and came to the cabin, which is near the edge of a National Forest and sits on private land very close to a U.S. Forest Service road. It is a very remote location in the forest.

Authorities stated that the boy was moved by ambulance to a hospital in Baker City, OR and then flown out by helicopter to a hospital which is located in Boise, ID. The vice president of marketing and communications at the Idaho hospital, explained to the public, on Thursday evening, that she could not comment on if the boy was still at the hospital or not. She also could not, or would not, say what condition he was in.

The sheriff declined to answer any questions about a possible motive for the murders. He said, it likely would be the weekend before any names would be released to the public. The victims’ families had already been notified of what had happened.

Oregon authorities were still trying to figure out a possible motive for the shooting and would be working hard throughout the weekend to explain the deer camp murders.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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