Did Michael Douglas Really Lie About Cancer? [video]

Liar, Liar!

Liar, Liar!Actor Michael Douglas claimed last spring that he had throat cancer and now has changed his story to say it was actually tongue cancer. He told the world he contracted throat cancer from performing oral sex on the ladies.

Douglas explained during a recent interview that he lied because he was headed for a big tour for an upcoming movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”

He further explained that to lie about the type of cancer he had was not his idea. It was strongly suggested that he do so by his surgeon. The surgeon suggested that he go with the throat as opposed to the tongue so that he wouldn’t have to discuss all of the complications associated with the surgical process of tongue surgery.

What is the truth really worth in a day where lying has become so acceptable? It seems the lines between truth and error or even right and wrong have been seriously blurred. It’s difficult to hold anyone to a standard that no one seems to live by. Politicians, teachers and even our religious leaders lie on a regular basis.

Famed German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “I am not upset that you lied to me, but that from now on I cannot believe you.”

The main truth about lying is you cannot go back and UN-tell a lie. Another truth about a lie is that it always weakens and erodes foundations.

Usually when a person results to a lie, as opposed to the truth, they feel defeated and lack the guts to own the truth. It is a definite surge to anyone’s character to be known as a person of integrity. When you have enough respect for yourself and the words that exit your mouth, others will too.

People lie for various reasons but there are three major trends behind the lies people tell:

  • Liars do it even when the stakes aren’t high: While it’s true that many lie when they feel pressured or to escape pending consequences that’s not always the case. Many will also lie when the stakes aren’t high; they simply lie for sport. Others lie so much that they aren’t really sure of the truth anymore. There is an adrenaline rush people feel when lying and often they get so addicted to it that they have a hard time telling and even identifying the truth.
  • Liars feel it’s acceptable when it helps others: These are people who want to help another so badly they would stake their reputation on it. There is a joy achieved in knowing their lie went to a good cause.
  • Liars NEVER do it just once: When a liar finally gets caught there is generally a trail of lies that seem to unravel. One lie demands another lie to cover and secure the first one. The problem is most liars don’t have the memory capacity to cover all the lies they tell. Whatever the case, liars never do it only once because the average lie isn’t strong enough to stand alone.

For many liars the disconnection started when they were young. Once they were told about little white lies differing from big lies they instantly started looking for other ways to manipulate the system.

From that time until now people have created a scale in their own minds and it has become more and more difficult to keep that scale balanced. Now as adults, who are faced with thousands of choices on a daily basis, they have a hard time differing from what is right or what is convenient. Far too often the wrong decision is made.

Douglas said that he was told by his surgeon that if surgery took place he would lose part of his tongue and jaw, among other things. He said it would not be pretty.

The surgeon went on to tell Douglas that the survival rate for throat cancer is higher than that of tongue cancer. Together they made a decision and the lie was formed. In August 2010 Douglas came forward and said he had throat cancer.

Again the average lie can never stand alone so last May Douglas added that his “throat” cancer originated from the HPV virus; which he said is known to be contracted through oral sex.

Now according to Douglas’ most recent account he says it was really Stage 4 cancer. He says a Montreal specialist was examining his mouth and found it. Douglas says he will never forget the look on that doctor’s face when he told him that they needed to do a biopsy because of the walnut-sized tumor which was found at the base of his tongue. He said no other doctor had seen such.

Which story is the truth? It’s time for people to stand up and own their truth. People are only as great as the weight of the words that come out of their mouths.

Did Michael Douglas really lie about cancer? Time will tell.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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