Dolly Parton Told Miley She Could Have It All [Videos]

dolly partonThe long time country music icon, Dolly Parton, is stretching herself in new ways.  The talented song-writer, author and actress with the big hair and big chest is strutting her feathers of fame and sending a message to Miley Cyrus.  The beloved country songstress has recently stooped below her norm to rap a chant in response to Miley’s latest antics.  Six and a half years ago, Dolly starred on Hannah Montana as Aunt Dolly and encouraged the star to go for it all.  The tables are turning as Aunt Dolly might be having second thoughts towards Miley.  Dolly Parton took to the stage on The Queen Latifah Show recently, in a black suit adorned with gold chains, blond afro wig and her usual stiletto heels to get her dig in.

Dolly always does it up with style and humor, as she chanted the lines on TV aimed at the new star of music.  Her own wrecking balls of mammary gland enhancement have grown to a tune of 40DD with a pretty price tag in tow.  Dolly does not tread lightly when it comes to speaking her mind and getting to the root of things.  She is famous for sending a subtle messages in her songs.

Dolly Parton is a good old gal at heart and spirit with her down-home upbringing and philosophies.  She says it like it is and does not worry about tomorrow.  She is one of the oldest in a family of twelve and has risen above the crowd in her over 40 year career.  She does not forget her roots even with her fame and fortune.  The plastic surgery queen has transformed herself over the years through music, films and TV.  She is keen on helping others along the way is an active supporter of the American Red Cross and HIV/AIDs related philanthropies.

Dolly does not need to rise to more fame, as her longevity has spanned decades.  Her fortune has long outweighed her own husband Carl’s income.  Everything Dolly touches seems to turn to gold, as the successful do-gooder from Tennessee spreads cheer and kindness.  She endures hard times in secret and plows ahead with her colorful lips and humbleness.  For her to take the stage in an unusual way only means there is more to her story and message.

Dolly PartonGaining recognition back in the seventies with The Porter Wagoner Show, her figure was upfront and in view.  She demurred enough to catch up with the flack and used it to her best ability.  Capitalizing on her looks and charm, she worked herself into American culture and became a successful business woman.  After leaving the show, Dolly penned the famous words that went on to become the hit, I Will Always Love You.  Her long lost loves along the way, could have been Porter and Burt Reynolds, her co-star in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  Through it all, she knew she still had Carl to come home to.  Always remembering her home and her family, Dolly established Dollywood, just south of Gatlinburg, TN as a place for retreat and good times.

Dolly just needs to stay our old gal and not go too far.  She has had plenty to reap with a reported $450 million in the bank.  Her numerous awards and credits path a road of gold to heaven far more than her antics in Miley style these days.  Many movies and songs later, the 67 year old is just a puff in the wind as she needs to step aside for new talent.  The Great Smokey Mountains will be her home forever, California and New York are added bonuses to the pot of gold she already has.  Dolly is rich enough in her life to express her views, but wrapping her arms around the world is even better.

Dolly has proven that anyone seeking their own dream can have it all.  Her wise words to Miley, will can still ring true to all who dare to dream and become the person they left at home.  Expanding horizons is something Dolly has done well over the years and not forgetting your home is the golden key to success.  Anyone can have it all.

Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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