Experience the Power of Mantra First Hand (video)

Experience the Power of Mantra Firsthand

For thousands of years, the ancient practice of mantra has healed hearts and brought people together for the common goals of harmony, peace and love.  Mantra is Sanskrit for the repetition of a sound, word or phrase which is thought to bring liberation to one’s mind and spirit.  An ancient spiritual tool said to be the sounds heard by Rishis and other masters during deep meditation, mantras have become an intricate part of yoga as it is expressing in the West as it has been for so long in the East.  More and more musicians are taking up the art of singing chants and mantras as opposed to traditional love songs.  Deva Premal and Miten are such a pair.  After meeting at an ashram in India, these two have been sharing the power of mantra with people all over the world as they explore the love they have for the divine with one another through music.  You too can experience the power of mantra first hand by seeing this glorious couple and guests in concert as they travel around the United States over the next month.

This weekend, Deva Premal and Miten with what they term “MantraFest” will take the stage in Texas, playing in Houston at the Unity of Houston on Friday October the 4th and in Dallas at the Lakewood Theater on Saturday the 5th.  From Texas they will travel to Boulder, Colorado where they will play for the enlightened crowd of this beautiful town at the Macky Auditorium Concert Hall on October the 13th.  From there it’s north to Canada from October 17-24th where they will first stop in Calgary, followed by Edmonton, Victoria, BC and New Westminister, BC to light up the night at the Massey Theater.

MantraFest is the name given to an entire entourage of musicians which includes this amazing couple traveling along with bansuri maestro Manose and keyboard wizard Maneesh de Moor.  They are joined by the GuruGanesha Band, Paloma Devi and Hans Christian.

Manose comes from Nepal where he was influenced greatly by the Tibetan and Buddhist monasteries near his home.  He fell in deep adoration with the bamboo flute when he was only 8 years old.  Upon meeting Madan Dev Bhatta, his teacher, Manose began his study of Indian classical raja music.  They say of him that he has the incredible talent of improvisation when it comes to music.  He is joined on the keyboard by Maneesh, born in the Netherlands.  On the keyboard Maneesh has become master at blending ethnic with traditional as well as contemporary rhythms to both please and entrance.

The GuruGanesha Band is an “adventurous ensemble of mantra music all-stars born of GuruGanesha’s longstanding wish to combine the profound spirituality of mantra music with the visceral excitement of a great guitar-driven band.”  Paloma Devi joins the GuruGanesha Band with her powerful voice and beautiful dance.  Hans Christian will thrill the audience as an addition to the GuruGanesha Band with his masterful play of the cello and other string instruments.

Upon their return to the states, Deva Premal, Miten and company will grace the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle, Washington on Saturday the 26th of October followed by a much anticipated show in Portland, Oregon at the Roseland Theater on October 27th- not to be missed!  Portland is a huge lover of mantra and yoga in general and the people of Portland will be certain to welcome this powerful crowd with honor and appreciation as the beautiful Roseland Theater fills with devoted fans and yoga teachers alike.

It is believed when you hear and repeat mantra that ails will be healed, the mind will clear and become centered and negative emotions will burn away.  Yogis also have said that the repetition of mantra can heal negative karmas, or past actions – bringing one into the present moment where peace, harmony and health can be truly known.  It is not unknown for someone to have what is referred to as a “transcendental” experience while listening to and participating in mantra.

Deva and Miten along with MantraFest will leave Oregon and make their way down to California to play in Oakland, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and finally Escondido at the California Center for the Arts on November the 3rd.  The tour they are referring to as MantraFest will round out in Mesa, Arizona at the Mesa Arts Center on November the 5th.  If you are anywhere near any of these centers at the appropriate dates, be sure and check out this amazing expression of devotion and yogic power.  A full detailed tour schedule can be found at the link below.  You can also enter to win tickets to the show in your area by filling out the form on their website.

Ticket prices vary depending on venue and seating.  Get your tickets now!

Here’s a little sampling of what you can expect:

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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