Free Dating Sites to Compete with DNA Profiling

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Free dating sites use a variety of methods to make potential love matches with their members, but can love be found in DNA? Instant Chemistry thinks it can, and they’re marketing a revolutionary new tool in the search for love online. How does it work? It all starts with a cheek swab.

Instant Chemistry is a company founded on the scientific theory that our DNA has the first and last word when it comes to sexual attraction. They are not the first to posit that attraction is DNA-based, either. Genetic research conducted on women shows that females are more likely to be attracted to men who have some genetic similarities to themselves, coupled with other significant genetic differences. At the most basic level, women and men are able to literally smell out a good mate versus a poorer match. The technicians at Instant Chemistry agree.

“One of [the] primary factors [of attraction] is body scent. Some people don’t smell very good to us, while others smell great. We use preferences in body scent to help us find a romantic partner that is compatible with us.”

Research conducted by Roberts and Havlicek suggests that our vomeronasal organ can detect certain personal information about another person through the detection of pheromones. Mice and rats seem to be able to detect variations in the genetic structures of their peers and mates, which leads scientists to believe the same is true of humans. Human pheromones, however, are undetectable to the conscious mind, and so although we respond to their presence, we are unaware of the process. Technicians at Instant Chemistry believe that the genetic differences between humans that are important to sexual attraction can be discovered in our immune systems.

The biggest difference between Instant Chemistry membership and registration with the myriad of free dating sites is the actual DNA collection. For registrants, the DNA-analysis begins at home with a cheek swab. The participant must rub the inside of his or her cheek for 30 seconds with a lab-supplied cotton swab, seal the swab in a vile and send it back to Instant Chemistry. The lab technicians are looking for certain genetic markers in the DNA of each person, which will be compared with the genetic markers of other registrants on file.

Instant Chemistry has partnered with online romance websites Misty River Introductions and Camelot Introductions so that registered members with both companies may opt into the DNA-pairing program. Non-registered love-seekers can also sign up directly with Instant Chemistry to have their DNA analyzed and hopefully matched to another lonely heart participating in the program. The company hopes that the end result of this matchmaking process is a hopeful couple that is better matched than those working with most free dating sites.

For those lovelorn singles searching for a good match with online free dating sites, DNA-based coupling may be the next logical step.


Written by Mandy Gardner


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